The chicken that will do whatever

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Nov 24, 2003
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This is so funny .. Check this out.

Somebody in a chicken costume who will do whatever you want

type in the white box what you want the chicken to do...

Chicken Costume

I did it is so funny
OMG!!! That is a little freaky! What happens if more than one person tries to do it? Do they have lots of guys in rooms chicken suits?

I told him to fart and he came right up to the camera and shook his finger at me.
Thats weird!!! and a bit freaky, I see it is a "Burger King" site.

Wondering about this promotion, and what they are thinking.....
I told him to fart and he came right up to the camera and shook his finger at me.
OMG SHaron!!!! I did'nt even THINK of that one!!! I asked him to lay down and he stood there like a bump on a log. Had to tell him twice before he took his sweet old time doing it.

Yea whats up with Burger King?
ok that is just wrong.....just like the commercial where the guy is shaking the cow...just wrong

I told it to hokey pokey and it just ran around in circles
I told him to do jumping jacks. It is strange, but funny. I wonder if a buzzer goes off when you click on the site because he came running around a corner in a hurry.
Whoa. That's freaky...

I've told it to lay down, sit down, do jumping jacks, stand on it's head... it's done it all.
omg thats wierd. it is not real time though cause if you ask the same command twice it does it exactly the same.

i am seriously freaked out by burger king now, the stuff they so is just wrong like the one with the freaky king in the window omg that gives me nightmares.

i will not eat there.
I just told it to moon me
Gawd I thought he was actually going to do it but he just pretended to.

What's with the kinky garters
I told him to take off his mask and he came right up to the camera and shook his finger at me too! Ugly looking thing tho is'nt he? If I had a rooster with green eyes like that he'd be shipped off to mars or something. Oh hey don't let Lisa Ruff-N-Tuff see this...she'll freak out! She hates chickens...this one would give her nightmares for sure!!!
I've been messing with this "chicken" on and off tonight and well, soo... does anyone know how he does it?? BK really needs to get a grip.
I showed my husband this and he said it was a program with a series of actions and pictures that is triggered by certain words. Not someone doing nothing but waiting in a chicken costume 24/7.

If you don't ask for anything and between actions he always goes back to the same spot and if he stands there a bit he will raise his right wing to "wipe his brow".

Made me feel better to think that there isn't some guy in that costume just waiting for us to look at him and order him around. just for fun.
Hubby asked him to flap his right wing and he flapped both. He then asked him to raise his right leg. After asking for the third time, he raised his left leg and bounced around in circles......

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