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Jan 7, 2004
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Hampshire, Tn
Hi There!

I just wanted to take a minute and Thank Dixi Cohea,Frank McCartha & Robbie McCartha for all their hard work. The Tennessee Miniature Horse Volunteers really pulled together and put on a top notch show. The Fitch's of Cannan Hollow Farm, provided one of the nicest hospitality booths I have ever seen and the club members were out in full force making sure everyone was happy. The show was a sucess and we had a great weekend and even welcomed a couple of new members to the club. We thought we were going to get storms, but the weather was in our favor and seemed to pass us right on by. Over all I think everyone I talked with had a wonderful show!! Lots of big wins for some first timers and that was awsome!!

Thanks to everyone who came and showed, we appricate you picking our show!!

Our MVP of the show was Anita Ray of Silver Meadows Training Center, I just wanted to say Thanks to her as everytime I looked up she was helping someone out!!

If you weren't able to make the show this year, I would put us on your list for next year!! You will have a great time!!!

Double TT Tack & Star Lakes Tack--Thanks for being at our show, we had a great time with you all!!
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Dan and I are still raving about what a great show it was, not to mention still having our head in the clouds because of how well Dixie and Bull did in their showing and driving debuts.

Kudos to Dixi, Robby and Frank making the show a big success, along with the Tennessee Miniature Horse Volunteers.
Their hospitality booth was great - lots of nice people making everyone feel welcome and right at home.... just exactly what the great state of Tennessee is all about.

Denise, you deserve a big thanks for all your efforts and being the show "cheerleader" getting everyone psyched up about the show.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and doing well in the show ring. We're looking forward to next year's show. Hopefully Roger Fitch will have those coconut-chocolate things again......WOW, they were yummy!
Hi Denise,

This was the first time for us to be a part of your show and we had a great time!

The stalls, arena, waiting area and hospitality booth were all great.
(I loved the coconut/chocolate thingy's too!)

We had fun with the Silent Auction and I came away with some beautiful jewelery, got outbid on some things, just can't win them all,

Thanks to all for the great hospitality. Hope to see you again next year.
Well, I could write a post on here about the show a PAGE LONG! We loved it! I have already decided that even if we can't make to many in the future, Shelbyville is a MUST! and I do mean a MUST!!!! You all were so great!!-Sarah

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