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Lori W

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Sep 22, 2010
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Southwest Michigan
The International Buckskin Horse Association (IBHA) has opened its registry this year to miniature horses currently registered with either AMHA or AMHR that meet the IBHA's color criteria of buckskin, grulla or dun.

We will be registering all of our eligible horses and showing at IBHA sanctioned shows this year, as well as our usual AMHR shows.

IBHA has a number of charter clubs throughout the U.S. We're also members of our local IBHA charter club, Great Lakes Buckskin Horse Association (GLBA).

I feel that it's always great to have another option to promote and highlight miniature horses. We showed at an IBHA show last year as 'open' horses and were warmly welcomed. It was great seeing the interest that traditional 'big horse' people had in our small equines. I love talking about minis and seeing people get excited about them!
Wow! Thanks for sharing this info and I will definitely be following suit. This is exciting news!
Too bad they don't recognize buckskin pintos.

They also need to update their website since it says they don't allow mature horses under 14 hands.

Better name might be solid buckskin horse registry.

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