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May 9, 2021
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hello! We have 2 minis that we have been working with to lead around and now are looking for a western saddle to lead with my kids around the yard. Do you happen to have any you would recommend?


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Jul 24, 2021
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Eldorado, IL
If you can find an old saddle, that would be your best bet - one that has been in the family for many years. Most of the newer ones are made in Mexico and are good but if your kids start riding a lot it won't hold up. Also, saddles are hard to fit, it's just a fact. Billy Cook makes a 10" seat saddle that is the best out there for fit (in my opinion). To help with fit make sure you have a girth that isn't too long and if the saddle slides around (because your mini is built like a 55 gallon drum) use wool pads and wool girths, sounds crazy but it really helps the saddle stay in place. We don't have any saddles, we stopped selling them about 5 years ago and the company we used to get cute ones from has gone out of business. If you can find an Abetta saddle, they fit pretty good, light weight too! If you find something and have questions, let me know, I'll see what I can do to help you out!

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