Sympathy for the Mares

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Jun 8, 2005
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The new filly is really a spitfire. I turned her and her dam out today and was clapping and laughing and snapping photos as she galloped around the drylot. I came in to do some editing and saw this in the background of one photo. It's out of focus because of course I wasn't looking at her poor dam. The whole time I'm cheering the little stinker on, her dam was chugging around after her trying to get her to stop. The flared nostrils, the hair everywhere, the frantic pace...just reminded me of my own poor mom when I was little and rambunctious. I had to go back out and apologize for being a bad influence.

That's a good shot! Could you imagine what she was thinking!??!
I hear you, Tiffany!!!

We're bad influences on ours, too, and we still have them on camera at night and it cracks me up when the babies make momma get up so they can snack... and when Ducky was a little bit younger, he would kick his mom A LOT. She must have convinced him to knock it off because he doesn't anymore, but we used to laugh over how BAD to the bone he could be!!!

Your mare looks beautiful, even if she was stressed by her kid at the time of the picture!!!

The poor dams, but I do love fiesty foals
You bad horse owner!

I'm sure she has forgiven you! Just give her some carrots!
Oh my baby is BAD! I don't know how his mother puts up with all his shenanigan's. I have pictures in motion of him running and jumping up on her, biteing her sides, biteing her legs. He's a brat! I can't wait to seperate them. 2 more weeks and we will have a second house just for boys.
That's a good shot! Could you imagine what she was thinking!??!
Probably that she should have held it in longer (351 days!). We were the best of friends pre-baby, and now I'm baby's best friend and May just gives me that look.
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I sure am sympathizing for my mares this year! With the poor weather, they have been in the stalls ALOT so we haven been seeing a lot on the cameras and those foals this year are real little HELLIONS!! :DOH!

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