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Dec 3, 2010
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It's that time! And this year I was so excited to see what was under that winter fuzz on my two new guys. Please forgive the poor haircuts. I clipped them dirty as I only have icy cold hose water to bathe with and I left them a little longer than usual since I clipped earlier.

Blue is a blue roan pinto but his roan patches are really light. He's actually more roan than white.
IMG_1100~2.jpgWally is a beautiful grey/brown. They called him grulla at the sale but he doesn't have the dun stripe... So input on his color? Mane and tail are flax.
I used a T84. I like it cause it gets the winter woolies off but leaves enough coat that they don't freeze.
He is lightly dappled. I've never had anything but bays and pintos. This color is throwing me for a loop. I could have him tested for fun but he's not intact or registered so... guessing at his color is just as good IMO
Wally ❤ love his coloring!

I don't know if its all the photos of new horses and foals on the forum or the fact that I only have one good driving horse I'm now sharing with my husband but I want another driving horse so we can drive together.
@Willow Flats If you are serious about another driving mini I've got a few great drivers for sale. I've got to many and since my son was born I have discovered that I really need to downsize.
I would not be at all surprised if your first horse, the minimal pinto, is in truth a grey pinto. One clue is how 'roany' the 'color' on his head is; roans have the 'full color'...bay, black, etc....on their head and lower legs(sans white leg markings) pretty universally, and that doesn't change with the seasons as the color on the body might. The second horse is a silver black, AKA silver dapple....with lots of sun fade/sunburned hair, hence the 'brownish' appearance.
I had my suspicions about "Blue" being grey. Also about him being older than was stated since he is so light grey now.

And thanks for confirming the silver dapple. He was fuzzy with the sun bleached hair when I got him so I've been dying to see what was underneath.
I had an appaloosa with roaning. Every year he got lighter and whiter. His spots got less noticeable when he was clipped. I lost him at age 6, so not sure how white he would have gotten over time.

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