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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
It has been about year and a half since Erica's Can't Take My Eyes Off You, a/k/a SQUIRT, first became a part of my daily thoughts, and now our little 3x National Champion is home and settling in well. All (almost) 2.5' (29.5") of him left Tulsa on Saturday, and we picked him up from some friends on Monday evening. ... NOT that I'd been dying to meet him or anything

We're only just now getting to know him, but I already see that his registered name applies in more than the way that was obvious to me from pictures and video. This boy is a HAM!!! We put him in our little trailer and decided not to tie him (I normally would, but didn't this time). It may be the first time he was in a traler "loose"? As H and I talked beside the trailer with our friends, here is Squirt deliberately standing as tall as he can in the trailer on his hind legs making DIRECT eye contact with ne. He kept doing that and just putting on a minor show but all along, that eye contact! It's pretty clear to me that he wants to be sure we are watching, and appreciating, his antics! Gosh, I just love him so much already. He's going to be another boy that is such a character you have to roll your eyes and think how much you love him!

Erica also was nice enough to give me all of his material wins from his junior and senior halter career in AMHA and AMHR... and not that I keep track of that kind of thing or have been handling and basking in the ribbons he brought home, but it goes something like this:

  • 23 1st Place Ribbons
  • 5 Reserve Grand Champion Ribbons
  • 14 Champion Ribbons
  • 6 Grand Champion Ribbons
  • 1 Champion of Champion Neck Sash
  • 1 Supreme Champion Neck Sash
  • 1 Supreme Champion Ribbon (purple – yay!)
  • 1 Nationals 7th Place Ribbon
  • 2 Nationals 5th Place Ribbons
  • 4 Nationals 3rd Place Ribbons
  • 3 National Champion Neck Sashes
  • 3 National Champion Trophies
  • 1 Supreme Champion Halter Bag

I'm going to be ironing the ribbons (under a dish towel or pillow case if any of you all want to dewrinkle ribbons!) this weekend and probably grinning the entire time.

Oh... and Squirt has a new nickname that I think is funny: Squirtius Minimus -- but, please, don't tell him he's little. He is so full of himself, he has enough personality to fill a 17hh horse up to the ears!

Plus, to just complete the I want to pinch myself experience, Sandy Revard turned her camera lens to Squirt last week, and I am sharing my favorite photos from the session below.

Thanks of letting me share the excitement!!! It's been nearly all of my mini horse life that has been made better because of the people here on LB! People who "get it", not to mention how much I've been able to learn from other members. I ♥ the folks here!!!






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A few more...




And to help illustrate my point that SQUIRT wants to be sure what he's doing gets noticed, here he is about a month ago wanting confirmation that Erica sees that he's rearing up and being fancy:

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Oh, Jill, he's awesome!!! I love his nickname Squirtius Maximius too. Wow, what an honor to own such a boy. I can bet your thrilled. P.S. - now we need to see the surprise mare.
I would be on cloud 9 too If I was in your shoes!

He's a handsome boy and your pretty lucky to have such a great friend like Erica to share your love with!

Oh is he gorgeous or what!! Glad you have him home
I don't know how you could have waited so long, but I am glad he is finally home. He sure looks a lot bigger than 29.5" in those photos. And his personality sounds like the frosting on the cake. The "extras" he came with are pretty nice too!! Congrats!!!
He is a thinking horse and very intelligent. I feel he likes to be spoken to and not left out of things.

Not to mention he's a beauty!!!

Congrats Jill!!!

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