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Mar 17, 2004
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I have seen several grey spotted and a few red and sorrel spotted donkeys. I have never seen a black spotted donkey. Is it possible? Please post some pics. Thanks.
Sorry, no pictures. But I do know that miniature donkeys do come in black and white spotted. Sweetwater's Bravo is a good example. I will try to find a picture of him to post. Corinne
Corrine is right. But I wanted to add, that bl/wh spotted donks are not going to be the drastic bl/wh of a horse. The black is usually more subtle and almost dark brown. They aren't very common, especially in the minis (standards have a fair amount) and are pretty pricey.
This is Rocky Joe he's my little jack's sire, he is black and white.

He is adorable - I am not normally a fan of the "painted look" donkey but I'd take him in a flash ;)

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