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Aug 18, 2003
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Hi All. You all might remember my new kitty Rory, well she has developped some small sores on her paw. I'm not sure what from, but it seems to coincide with a new kitty litter, but its only on one paw
She spends a lot of time licking/chewing it and making it worse. Is there anything I can do or put on it to keep her from making it worse till I go to the vet with her next week? She isn't favoring it or anything, it seems more itchy than sore. She is actingcompletely normal and playing and running and GROWING like crazy!

I have a vet appt. for next week for her vaccinations anyway, so I really would rather not have to take her in before then if there is anything I can do at home. Of course, I will take her in if I think she is getting any worse or shows any sign that its making her uncomfortable. Can I clean it with something and put some vaseline or antibiotic cream on it till we go to the vet?
Immediately change the type of kitty litter, clean it ( the paw)with some peroxide and she'll be ok til the vet visit. I use sawdust for kitty litter. So much junk in litter today.
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Thanks for the reply! I'm going to try to find the brand we used before we moved to the city, and switch back to that. I cleaned it up good and its looking much better, AND she hasn't been itching it since I washed it (nor has she been to the litter box) so I think the litter could very well be the problem. Will still ask vet when we go in next week, in case he/she has some suggestions for me there too.

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