Someone is definatly hogging the filly fairy

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Dec 28, 2007
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Lake City, Florida
WEll, whoever is hogging that filly fairy, it is more than MY TURN!! Seems that I am getting mostly colts every year. :DOH! I have had some really pretty boys and I love them, but I need fillies.

Funny, I had two others under the camera for the last few days, not this mare. She was inside the last couple of nights because the weather was bad, but she did not have much of a bag and this is her second foal. She had a bit bigger bag this AM, but not as big as one of the mares that is under camera. Tonight at 5:00 she had a little bit bigger bag and the fluid was rather thick, but not milky. I decided to put her under the cameras and give her the pager, but put her in a stall with another mare that had the pager on the last two days, just incase. Well at 7:30 I went into the bedroom to watch TV and to watch the mares, not expecting them to do anything. I noticed that Enchantress (the new mother) seemed restless after she had eaten all of her grain and hay. She started pooping and peeing and was wandering the stall. Then got down and did some really funny motion, like she was burping really hard. 3 times. Then got up, then went down again. But not on her side either time. Then I noticed some fluid was coming out of her, so I got dressed and ran out to the barn. She was up when I went in, so I took the other mare out and watched Enchantress. A couple of minutes later she went down again and pushed out the colt. It was now 8:00. From not being sure at 5:00 to have a foal by 8:00. WOW

He is a real beauty though, but I wanted so bad for this one to be a filly for me to keep. His dam had such a beautiful colt last year (Riverdance's Celtic Winds). A palomino with a bald face.

This year it seems to be a solid black or perhaps smokey black or smutty buckskin colt. My guess is smokey black, but he is still wet. He has the beautiful Windchaser head and long refined neck. Plus he is all legs!! Cannon bone says he will be about 32 to 33" tall.

He was up within minutes and is now jumping around the stall. Kind of nice to be able to sit here inside and watch him. I am still waiting for him to go up to the milk bar. I like to give mom and foal this time alone for them to bond. Then I will go back out to make sure that he has nursed her bag empty. Already wormed mom, gave him his tetnus shot and did is cord.

I will get pictures tomorrow. Needless to say, he will be for sale.

Another funny thing. My palomino mare had a black colt last year and a palomino colt this year. Now the new mom, Enchantress, a black mare, had a palomino colt last year and a black colt this year.

OK, I have had two live colts and one breach colt that was dead. The rest had better be fillies!!!! Everyone here is kidding me and saying I am the colt factory, or the stallion station, since I get so many colts every year.

Back from the barn again. Checked again to see if the filly fairy was just late here, but no, still a colt
Anyway, he found the milk bar, gave him an enima and, though he is still wet, he is dry in places and I think I have a dark buckskin here.
(why could it have not been a filly. The looks, and the color, just not the sex.) Well, will have to try again next year.

Pictures tomorrow.
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Congrats! Sounds like this one was nice and easy. I hope your rest of the season goes as well with some fillies thrown in for good measure.
Congratulations on your colt! I'm looking forward to seeing photos!
Congratulations on your new colt! Sounds like a quick, easy delivery.

I had a new one yesterday too. I had just put the beeper on the mare the night before. She showed no real signs that foaling was imminent until it started getting daylight and she started getting busy. Well, my farrier was scheduled to come yesterday morning. The mare was pacing off and on through the morning and when my farrier came, I just moved her into a small grass paddock in front of the pens where we were trimming feet so I could keep an eye on her. Figured she would hold off until night with all the activity going on. Around 1 in the afternoon, my farrier calmly said, 'that mare's water just broke'! My daughter was out there and I told her to help the farrier and I took the mare back to her stall where she proceeded to lay down and foal a really nice colt!

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