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Sep 27, 2003
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Okay, bear with me folks, I'm just begining my journey to understanding Shetland showing... okay here's my question.

Although not all classics are foundation, all foundation shetlands are classics... the rule book states that you can not cross enter both foundation, and classic, classes... if the individual classic Shetland in question IS foundation certified... why not?
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The original idea behind setting up the foundation shetland was because they were a different type. There used to be a very strong distinction between classics and moderns, but as time went on, there became in some lines of ponies very little physical difference between the moderns and the classics, with classics evolving lighter bone, longer and straighter faces, angular flatter bodies, higher action, longer legs and necks, etc.

Some aspc members felt as though the original pony breed character was being lost, and have worked to keep the more rounded, shorter faced,slightly heavier boned "closer-to- the ponies of the 1940's& 1950's" type pony character in their herds. Foundation certification was meant as a sort of preservation type category for this type of pony. The long tall classics were winning all the shows and folks who preferred the other type of shetland felt that there was a place for their type too. If the moderns and classics had stayed two distinct types as they were when those two categories were established, then the Foundation group would not be needed. At least thats the way i saw it as it all developed. If you look in the rule book, you will see that there is a definite difference in the judging standards between the classics and the foundations, just as there is between the moderns and the classics. Each division should be judged accordiing to the standards in the book. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but that is the way I understood it at the time it was all set up.
Thank you very much. That does make sense, even though it did not read quite like that in the rule book... although I'll admit I may have missed that point altogether. LOL
This is Lee, not Cathy. I have a foundation mare that I show both ways. I show her in the foundation in-hand classes and I drive her in the classic classes, at the same show. I have heard rumors of foundation driving classes in the future, but until then I drive her against the longer, leaner, & much taller classics. By the way, we do very well against them. My mare moves good, foundation or not. Show your pony and have fun. Anyone I show against will tell you that I have fun at the shows. Life is to short not to have fun doing what you like!!!! Show Ponies!

Lee Hand
At convenetion last year there was a list of Foundation performance classes approved in committee but I have not heard if they were ever approved by the board and if they were when they will go into effect.

The rule book is kind of confusing on the issue of showing Foundation vs. Classic. You cannot cross enter between Foundation and Classic halter classes at a show but you can show a Foundation in Classic performance classes because there are no Foundation performance classes offered. You can also show your Foundation halter pony in Classic group halter classes like Get of Sire, Produce of Dam, Herd of Four, and Herd of Six because there are not Foundation classes available. Make sense? Basically, you have to choose your division for halter only. (That will change if the Foundation performance classes are instituted).
Thanks Lee, and Lewella. Believe me I fully intend to have fun!!!
I had SUCH a ball this year showing the minis, and look forward to adding our little Shetland boy to the blast next year. I actually think he'll be more the 'modern' classic type. He's the one posted in Lyn's post below about my buying her colt. I'd appreciate any opinions as times goes on and I post more pictures, on which class he should be shown in at halter.

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