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Dec 30, 2021
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Alberta, Canada
Hi friends, this might be extremely specific, but I'm hoping that I might be able to at least network out some resources.
I have some CRAZY, amazing, fun and extremely skilled donkey and mule friends. Although we're in north-central Alberta Canada, they're wanting to go to California for the Bishop Mule show in May, 2025. I realize it's a couple years away, but I'm one of those people who isn't going to go if I'm not feeling 1110000% prepared. And I'm afraid I can't just pop down to California to experience the show ahead of time, although I think that would be a blast!

I found a class list on their website, and there's about 8 classes I think Phillippe and I could be competitive in, at least if I knew the level of competition there...
I watched the videos posted and didn't see any of the classes I'd want to enter. My impression is that the show's focus is mule packing and military reenactors/cavalry honor guard.

Does anyone have any experience with this show that could help me get prepared?? Or perhaps have a contact who wouldn't mind answering my questions?

I've reached out to the facebook pages and emailed the organizers - no response.

Thanks for your help! Phillippe ribbons.jpg
Forget the show! I’ll meet you in California or anywhere else (in the states) and we can go trail driving!!! ♥️♥️
That would be so cool. I was in California several years ago. My stallion and his trainer spent time at Stefan Peters’ facility. On the drive home, we spent a few days in Oregon and I absolutely fell in love. It would be amazing to adventure around that state more!!
I'd assume your friend is at the show right now. I'm in that Facebook group, as well as the competitors' group, and neither has given me any information that I'm after, unfortunately. But there is time. Thanks so much for following up with me!
My sister's friend, I've meet her once, she responded to reach out again after the Mule Days are over this year, that maybe why you have not heard back from your inquiry.
She did say reserve your hotel now. They fill up early.
Thank you! I will try again in a month or so. Let them breathe a bit after the show. I hope they had a fantastic time!

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