How much weight can Shetlands pull, round bales?

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Apr 25, 2021
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So I have a sort of hypothetical question. How many American Shetland Ponies would it take to pull a round bale, assuming the bale is 1000 lbs, the ponies are 40-46 inches tall, the ground resonably flat, with the bale strapped to some sort of light sled apparatus (Sheet of plywood, car hood, ect.). Presumably Foundation type as the others are more finely built (Classic or Modern would be too dainty I would think). Is it even possible? The reason for this question is that I'm looking to get into showing and driving ponies in the next few years, and its more economical to use round bales to feed. I'd rather have ponies drag the bales than buy a machine to do it, but not if it would be too much for them. I do understand that even with the peramiters given there are about a hundred other variables too, but I'm just looking fora vauge awnser.
Well, I have American Shetlands 40 to 44 inches tall. I wouldn't expect to move a round bales with fewer than 4 ponies, and honestly am not about to try even with that. When I have to move a bale myself (usually my neighbor does it with his tractor) I hook a vehicle to the bale. I used to use my F150 but it was 2WD and had a hard time. Now I use my Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, which moves bales with ease. Otherwise I open the bale and fork the hay over the fence, or use a chore sled to distribute it further.
A team would be able to move 1000# easily, especially using something like a car hood or a ground slide of some sort. I will be doing that sort of jobs with my 2 mini donkeys.

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