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midnight star stables

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Jul 2, 2005
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Pefferlaw, Ontario
Well many of you know my passion is showing, and my step father and I have made that our family hobby. We have three horses on our show string, BKS Early Morning Joy(HOF), Town & Country Pat(HOF), and McCarthy's Lonesome Dove. Although I showed Dove for the beginning of the year, Denise Hardesty has taken her to finish off the show year with her; together they have one done amazing things. Of my other two, they have had their best year yet!

I'll start with Joy(HOF). She was a Halter HOF inducted last year and made me very proud! This year she has once again been inducted into the HOF, this time for Western Country Pleasure Driving!


Now as HONORED and proud as I am, everyone knows that Joy is not a one trick horse! Joy has had a FABULOUS year in Liberty, Showmanship, Jumper, Halter and of course Western Country Pleasure Driving. Joy and I make a great team and she loves to show just as much as me!

Joy is currently all over the National All-Star listings with such rankings as second in Western Country Pleasure Driving Stakes(1629pts),

second in Western Country Pleasure Driving open(588pts),

second in Amateur Showmanship(597pts),

second in Liberty(384pts), and

fifth in Adult Jumper(303pts)...

Now I know that these rankings can change easily before they are official, but it give you an idea of how well she has done! She was also top three every time shown in halter in Ontario, picking up three grand and one reserve grand championship at the three shows she showed in halter. Her (and my) favorite class is Liberty, and she always puts on a good show... For those who'd love to see, here is a video of her winning run under all four judges in Michigan this year (thanks Kim for the video)!

Nitro (Town & Country Pat(HOF)) is one of my dad's favorite horses, and he too has had a great year! He started of the year with a bang, being inducted into the HOF for Country Pleasure Driving. After that first show, we took away the check at home and he began dropping his head to a more western headset. Nitro then took the Western show ring by storm!

Nitro is nearing very close to a few more HOF's one is in Halter where he only needs one more point!

Nitro is also currently all over the National All-Star listings with such rankings as second in Western Country Pleasure Driving Stakes(1386pts),

second in Western Country Pleasure Driving open(453pts),

fourth in Liberty(342pts), and

top in Canadian Roadster in the over division(360pts)...

Now I know that these rankings can also change easily before they are official, but it give you an idea of how well he has done

I am very sad that these two horses and I will not be able to attend the 2011 Nationals. I will be writing and exam mid-week to get my nursing license.

McCarthy's Lonesome Dove is my big star this year, she has done so much more than I ever thought she would! With over 20 Grand Champion Titles and 175 halter HOF points to date, I just can't come to believe that she is all mine... Her current All-Star rankings include:

First in AMHR Yearling Mare - Over 32" to 36" (993pts)

First in AMHR Mare Junior Champion & Reserve - Over (1776pts)

First in AMHR Mare Grand Champion & Reserve - Over (2124pts)

Canadian Top Ten in AMHR Amateur Halter Mare - Over (120pts)

Canadian Top Ten in AMHR Liberty - Over(102pts)

So I am a VERY PROUD mom! I bought this filly from baby videos, as I just had a feeling that she'd be special... Well she has surpassed my dreams. She has the best personality, so calm and sweet... I think this mare is just gorgeous... And I am very lucky to call her mine!


Like I said, I am VERY proud, and over the moon THRILLED with my horses this year. I have put in a lot of time and effort into showing, and it is amazing when it pays off so big! This year, I did many 12 hour shifts the days before and after shows, so this year has been such a challenge, but I am so thankful for a GREAT year! Thank you for letting me share with all of you.

As for Nationals, I'll be watching and cheering for my one special horses, who is going. I am very lucky to call her mine, and I will be hoping for the best for Dove! I can't believe how well ALL my horses have done this year!
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WOW! WOW! WOW! You have every right to be proud! That is AWESOME!!!!!

I hope you get to go to Nationals next year and kick butt!

CONGRATS on everything!!!!!
Congratulations! What a great season!!
Congratulations! Joy and Nitro both look VERY nice driving, as always, and that sure shows in their placings. I look forward to hearing how Dove does and congratulations also on getting your nursing license! THAT is a lot of hard work too.

That's SO wonderful, congratulations! And best of luck for Dove at Nationals, I'll be watching for her!
Congratulations! What gorgeous horses you have and I loved the liberty video. So nice to see a horse who is an easy catch too. I can see you earn your placings with hard work.
Wow!!! AWESOME job!!! You and your horses are looking great! You are obviously very dedicated, and it shows.

I'm sorry you won't get to come to Nationals, but let me know when you do get to come, I'll come up and visit you. I saw Lori last year.
You've got such pretty horses and you've put them to outstanding use! Congratulations all around
Congratulations all around and thanks for sharing! While all your horses are beautiful, it is easy to see (especially in that liberty video) that good handling has brought out the best in them. I hope we get a great update on Dove after Nationals!
Congratulations! I saw Dove with Denise this weekend at the show and she is absolutely breathtaking!

Congratulations on your wonderful show season! Your hard work and dedication are evident. Good luck on the nursing exam - another fantastic accomplishment! Yep, you have a lot to be proud of.

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