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Dec 1, 2002
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I've got to give you a little background first.

A good friend who bought (another) horse from me, and I sent our horses to a trainer for driving training. She had never trained a horse to drive before and my mare was going to be far more of a challenge than I cared to take on. The horses went back to her place a couple of weeks before the show, and the trainer said that my mare shouldn't be shown, she wasn't ready. Well my friend drove her and said "she CAN be ready if she is driven regularly" so I told her, go ahead and drive her then if you want.

So I flew into California the day before the show, drove my mare, and she was SO much better than she had been when I'd driven her at the trainer's. She wasn't jumpy or scared anymore.

We go off to the show, and drove our horses during the dinner break (in front of something like 100 people eating dinner, lol) and it was an adventure-- her horse had never been in a show ring and mine had only been in one ONCE, and it wasn't when driving. Her horse was starting to freak out after a while, it was all so new and scary to him, and my friend jumped out of the cart when she got him to a stop and had to unhitch. But-- her horse had looked SO awesome driving, she got tons of compliments on him.

The next day was driving classes, and I took my mare, Magic Mist Wildfire, into her Pleasure Driving classes. Her first class, she was all wound up but got a second place (three horses in the class). She was much better in the next class (and I forget what she got) but in her last class, she took TWO FIRSTS. I'm not afraid to admit that I cried. My homegrown "baby" who was so wild in the past that she couldn't be clipped or much else, had just won in her driving debut. THIS is what its all about.

Here is a picture of my Wildfire, this is her not clipped tho, I don't have any pictures of her from the show

Btw, this mare is out of the same dam as my B gelding, Magic Mist Color On Fire. I always knew this mare would produce some driving horses.

oh Laurie, She is just like Amazing!!! Your girls are Just that.... AMazing!

Wow!!! A BIG congratulations to you! Sorry I was not able to be there to see it in person!!!
Yeah, Liz, where WERE you?
It would have been nice to meet some more of the "forum family".

I've asked my friend to post her results on here too, she had two other horses at the show that she trained to drive herself (with some lessons from a trainer) and I am eager for her to share what her horse did that she got from me. He is also out of the same dam as Color On Fire and Wildfire. His name is Magic Mist Blaze of Fire (starting to see a theme here? LOL!) The dam's name is Wild Winds Frost Fire. All three sires are different, but all three foals are incredible. Hm, maybe it's the dam?

Oh and thanks, Lyn, how sweet of you to say!
Thanks for opening this thread Magic, I have been dying to brag!!! Well I am Magics friend and have had her horse here at my place almost a month now, she is doing great. But I have my own results as well. I took my Teddy in the CP amateur class and it was his fist driving show, he has been shown in halter and jumping for years, he placed 3rd out of 13, that was super exciting. Then I took my daughters B gleding in Ladies for his first time driving ever and he got 1st and 2 seconds...woohoo, never broke gait!!!! Then my wild child Magic Mist Cisco's Blaze of Fire went into Roadster A, Magic drove him for me since he was a bit fired up the day before at the lunch break, and I have never done roadster... He placed first and 2 thirds, he was amazing, he was unbeleivable, I had goosebumps and tears...Magic bred this horse as well....Then she took him in the stakes class for roadster and he placed Reserve Champion...woohoo more than I could have ever hoped for.... The horses he showed against have been driving for years, this was his first show ever. I can't wait to see him next year when he is finished....

This is Blaze

Magic it must have something to do with the Grand Dam also, remember that Splash is related too, and he did pretty darn good as well...ok so all of our horses are cousins or something...
Blood does tell!

The best part about it all was all of the people who came up to us afterward and were saying "WOW!!" He's just an incredible-moving horse with a lot of presence, so neat to watch.

His one daughter (he was recently gelded), out of a beautiful BOB daughter, will surely be something to behold as well. See her on my sales page.
That is wonderful.

Congratulations, nothing better than placing that well first time out but even better when you are behind the breeding. A little bit of attitude in the cart sometimes is the sign of a really hot and moving horse.

Roadster is one of my mare's favorite classes, just too much fun. Your friend's horse did great.

Wow!!! Congratulations to you both on your AWESOME results!!!!!! Your horses are gorgeous!


After all that hard work and having it be one of YOUR line, that must have been the kind of day that brings you to tears just thinking about it. I'm so happy for you!


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