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Mar 14, 2006
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Valley Center, KS
Some of you know my friend, Peg, who owns Waconda Valley. For those of you who don't I know that you will still understand. This family is having some struggles at the moment and so loosing a horse was not what they needed. This morning Peg went to the barn and found their show gelding, "Beau" laying down. He was barely breathing, but his eyes fluttered a bit, so he was still alive. Peg called the vet who came immediately. Peg was with him when Beau took his last breath and lost his life for unknown reasons.

Let me tell you about this little horse. Just last month our club was part of a horse event called EquiFest. Peg took Beau through the obstacle course in the arena while the crowd cheered as he took the jumps. He later allowed our three year old granddaughter to lead him while she learned about what it is like to work with a show horse. That was Beau, he was there ready to please, and do what was asked of him. I asked Peg if I could share with you just some of the things Beau accomplished. His full name is Diamond M Classic Blue Image, and in 2007 alone he was Res. World Ch. in Showmanship, Top five at Worlds in Senior Gelding Halter under 30", won 4 top ten Ultimate Gelding awards, 5 Honor Roll placings including Champion Honor Roll Senior Gelding 30" & under. He also won 4 Central Regional Champion titles and 3 reserve Champions. He and Peg were also awarded the 2007 Farnam Amateur Regional High Point award for Level One Region 13.

Most of all, Beau was the horse that was ready to walk into the ring, or drive, for three different family members. I recall one year when he showed with both Peg and Ashley. So many classes yet he took the jumps for both of them at the end of the day. He was the horse with the heart of a champion, not only in the showring, "but for HIS family".

I am sure that many of you will wonder what could take the life of a seemingly healthy 11 year old gelding. He ate his food the night before and was moving around as usual in his paddock. He had no visible problems and the vet did do some preliminary checks on him, but found nothing. Beau's vital parts are being sent to K-State for analysis and hopefully some answers will come later on. Peg will be facing the task of grieving with her children when they come home today and find out what has happened. Please surround her with your prayers and words of encouragement.

Perhaps Peg will be able to come on and tell more later, but for now she is so stunned and heart broken, so I am posting for her. Take care my friend, there are many people who care about you and your family!

Beau will be greatly missed, but not forgotten, as we will always remember him in our hearts...

Brought Tears to my eyes , I am really sorry for their loss he just sounded liek sucha amazing horse
What a special horse. I so feel for the family. Great tribute for a great horse.
[SIZE=12pt]I'm so sorry - my sympathy to all of the family and friends of Beau.[/SIZE]

I am teary eyed too and sending condolences. So sad to lose what appeared to be a wonderful horse and not that old either. I sure hope they will be able to find out what happened to cause his death. I am so sorry for the whole family.

Joyce L
I'm so sorry for their loss.

He truely sounds like one of those once in a lifetime horses.

They were lucky to be part of each others lives.

Having a good friend like you, will help them thru their sorrow.
That is such a sad loss l feel for the family..
Oh how sad. He truly sounds like a one in a million guy... my heart goes out to his family and all the friends who knew and admired him. What a great loss!!
I am so sorry for the family. He sounds like he was such a special boy.

Many of us on here have suffered losses so we know how Peg feels.

Our hearts are breaking for her.

She was blessed to have such a wonderful horse.

And he was blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Bless you for being there and being such a wonderful friend

when she needs you the most.

I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Maryann
So sad!
I know it will be tough for her to handle this for a little while, especially since the show season was so close and plans were probably in the works. But what's worse is there will never be a horse that can replace him. Those truely special horses will stay in their hearts forever!

I have a friend with a horse like that and I would be devastated right along with her if something unexpected happened like that.
Such sad news, sending my condolences. For all their strength and liveliness, horses are also such fragile creatures. And all of us who share our lives with animals are destined for the grief that goes along with the love that fills the heart to the brim.

I am so sorry, and what a lovely, heartfelt tribute from a friend.

Oh my goodness I am so sorry Peggy, i know how much your daughter and you loved him. You could tell he was such a sweet little horse. It is so sad when something so unexpected like this happens. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I am without words, no words can describe the pain Peggy and her family must feel. I am so very sorry for your loss
Something so unexpected like this hurts the most. I pray for comfort for you and your family.
Oh NO!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOO sorry to hear about the loss of Peg's gelding! How upsetting and heart-renching!!!! My prayers for Peg & her family!
I'm so sorry for Peg. I can relate after loosing one of my best mares and friends yesterday. Luck for me I have a wonderful foal that Roanie's life was passed on to.

Peg is in my prayers.
I am so very very sorry for the loss of such a grand mini. I was at Equifest and watched him in the ring and what a pro he was. It has been such a sad year for losses for everyone so again all I can say is "I am sorry" and my prayers go out to Peggy and her family...such a loss!
I kept track of the points for the Ultimate Gelding Awards last year, and I can tell you, I saw this horses name alot. I know he will be missed so much. My heart goes out to the family.
Pictures of Diamond M Classic Blue Image with his family, Peg Balthazor and Ashley Zahourek.

Rest in Peace little man. You will be deeply missed.




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