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Dec 11, 2002
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Ok, I'm anxiously waiting for this weekend so I can go to Purcell and show my yearling filly for the first time.
She parks out nicely and "shows" wonderfully at home - of course, we all know its anyone's guess what she'll do at her first show. Luckily, she has seemed to take new experiences in stride and I'm praying she doesn't flip out on me. So, my question is how far should she be parked out? I've seen some classics so far parked that they are standing on their tippy toes! Her pic (shaggy) is in my avater.
Hi Carin,

How does she look best to you? Every pony is a little different. Some look best more stretched, others look better almost standing square. Show her how she looks best. That's really the best advice anyone can give you
You know your pony and what is going to show her to her best advantage.

Make sure you let us know how the show goes!

I don't like that answer! But I knew that was the answer I was going to get! : ) Its hard to know what looks best when you are handling the horse but I have time to figure that out at the show. We pull in Friday evening, and she doesn't show until Sunday.

Don't worry, I'll be on here bragging! As long as she doesn't kick a judge, I'll be happy! ; )

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