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Nov 30, 2002
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SW Oklahoma
Each year after I send out the names, we have this thread!

Here we go!


Here is the yearly Secret Santa HINT THREAD!!! It's tradition!


Why?? For FUN, of course!!!


Yes, I sent your hints to your Santas, but some times you think of something to add. And SOME people didn't include any hints!

Well, what meanies!


COME ON!!!! Have a HEART, give a HINT!!!


Your Santas will be watching this thread to see if YOU (yes YOU!) posted something for them to read!


If you signed up, POST here NOW!!!


All names have been emailed out. I need 1 more person to let me know they got it!


WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Here we go!!!!! HO HO HO!!!!


As always, if you need help with anything, email ME and I'll help! If you do email, PLEASE include your forum name so I know who you are!!!!!

If you have not answered me that you got my "name email" please do reply! If you didn't get my email, look in your junk folder! If you still can't find it, email me with your forum name and I'll send it again! [email protected]

If you still want the sign up thread for the info it has, here is the link to it!

OK, I just realized I may not have give such great hints, especially after reading the hints from my person so this may be a tad better.

I'm 56 (but if you tell anyone I'll have to kill you)

I have four little mini horses. They are pets only - no showing here.

And I have one little mini donkey.

I've also got four cats and two dogs.

And then there's the chickens: 3 hens and 1 rooster.

I've collected chickens for as long as I can remember. My kitchen is full of chickens of every size and shape. Some have even escaped from the kitchen and can be found in the livingroom, bedroom, bathroom and various other rooms. I even have a mechanical rooster who plays the chicken dance (duh) and moves his wings. He has been known to come with us on a cruise! Did I mention that I love chickens?

Let's see, my other hobbies: I love puzzles, I quilt, I cook (even have my own cookbook which my daughters will get as a Christmas gift), I read just about anything except romance - favorite is probably science fiction and historical novels.

We have antique vehicles that we take to car shows in the summers. I think I've posted pictures on here of them.

We are both retired (well hubby works part time telecommuting to his old job in Texas). We live on a 17 acre farm in Western Kentucky. We've "gone green" with reduced energy consumption and solar panels. Haven't had a utility bill in almost 2 years now. We conserve, conserve, conserve.

I'm typically a penny pincher. LOL. I'll do anything for anyone but rarely take the time to do anything for myself. So maybe some good smelling soaps would be nice? To pamper myself for once.

But pretty much anything you send will be vastly appreciated. My kids are struggling - they are in Texas and we are here in Kentucky. Holidays are very small for us and we typically don't do much for each other. I mean, at our age we already have everything we need.

Maybe this helped.....maybe not but I tried.
Well I think I gave my SS alot to go on but here are a few things for ya! lol!

I love nail polish of all colors!

I also love Bath and Body Works stuff! Those little travel size body sprays and hand sanitizers are the best!! I like all the scents! If you like it I'd like it!

Earings(i think I said that in my email??)

I read Stephen King books and collect his hard covers. If you have a used book store or resale shop near you I'd love to add to my collection!

Oh and I also love those little tiny perfumes!

ANYTHING from my SS's heart is just perfect for me!!! Thanks SS!!!

And Thank you Robin for doing this
your the best!

as per Robins request....(hehehe:)

Books I don't have

Carrie Salem's lot, It, Misery,The Tommyknockers,The Dark Half,

The Shining, The Talisman, Geralds Game, The Colorado Kid, Lissy's story

Cujo, Christine, Duma Key, Thinner, The Running Man, Night Shift,Skeleton Crew

There is ALOT more I don't have but don't be afraid if you see one to get it! I don't mind doubles!!! LOL!!
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Leya, maybe you should list the books you don't already have?

I hope EVERYONE in the SS posts here!!!

That means me too LOL.


I love my horses of course!

I adore anything with my boys Nort or Pooka on it! Especially coffee mugs!

I collect coffee mugs!

I LOVE Kliban Cat! (google it)

Love the Pink Panther! The CAT not the movie

Love Titanic! The SHIP not the movie.

Love & collect Archie Digest comics!

Santa, reindeer

Wizard of Oz

Silly off the wall things


I collect figural salt & pepper shakers!

I've loved & drooled over these shakers for years!



I hope mine posts because I need ideas!
Ashley, I bet your Santa is hoping YOU will post hints here too!

COME ON EVERYONE! If you signed up, POST hints here!
I dont ever know what to list that I like.

I like almost everything but dont like red.

I love horse related anything as we dont have lots of miniature stuff here.

I love coffee mugs.

I love horse related picture frames.

Horse magnets for your fridges

I have been looking for a show number clip to show my number on my back. They

are hard to find here.

Anything will do.

Happy shopping everyone.....
I gave a pretty detailed list but here it is again (at least what I think I wrote)+ more...

nice writing pens for work, farrier books, cochin bantam books, neatherland dwarf bunny books, feathers, (not demestic birds)as I make dreamcatchers, iris flowers, mini horse stuff, camo or hunting stuff, bryer horses (old ones from flea markets), real butterflies in the glass (old flea market stuff again) lil note pads for work (pocket size) show prep stuff, nice hoof picks with brushes, good hand/body lotions for really dry skin, and almonds/cashues!

not a fan of mint or holiday theme stuff.

ohhh almost forgot, a million $$$

(wait, I think we all would want that!)

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Hints...............................

I just got one mini, Teddy bear. He's a year and a half old gelding. I collect snowglobes, and love anything horsey. I guess that doesn't exactly narrow things down:O Teddy has a blue halter and two blue leadropes...but he doesn't have horse shampoo!

I like Non horsey stuff too though!
I didn't give much hint .I love anything horse relative LOL.After we lost of house to house fire in 09 I am thankful for whatever I get
I think I did a decent job giving hints. I am a very easy to please person.

I have five minis and one biggie. Pets only / don't show. Anything horse related.

I own / love three dachshunds and a pointer / beagle mix.

I am also a dog groomer by profession and work at a boarding kennel, anything dog related or grooming related.

I love music, download from iTunes.

I also love throw blankets. My favorite colors are black, red, tan, brown, grey.. And animal prints.

Photo frames are nice too. Black, silver or oak. I love taking pictures.
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I think I sent the wrong forum name to Robin for Fancyshadow. It may have said Fancysummer. This is Dave's wife and I sometimes mess things up. LOL

Some things I know he likes were in the email.

He likes lounge pants size large. Also t-shirts size 2x. ball cap with horse on it. 32oz drink mug. He carries soda or something all the time. New mouse pad. He is always putting scented wax into the melting pot on his desk so more of that would be nice. He isn't much into flower scents. Likes bakery scents or pines--He likes word find books in the larger size--about the size of a piece of printer paper--not the little books. He likes mixed nuts and milk chocolate. Nothing spicy or sweet--mainly salty. He loves his dogs so a chewy treat for them is always good (we have 4 in the house) He has a throw blanket on him all winter cause we keep the house cool so a new one is good. He does wear warm booties in the house all winter also--his shoe size is 11.

All I can think of at the moment.
I gave some hints already, but if my SS needs more info, here goes!

I pretty much stay at home and take care of all the critters, so I'm not a fancy-get made-up and go-out person.

I do a lot of yard work and farm maintenance, for me and others.

I don't really collect anything anymore unless you count cuts, scrapes and bruises LOL!

Anything horse or mini related is welcome

Your favorite grooming product, tool, or whatever thing makes your day easier.

I love trying new things, especially if they are "endorsed by the user".

Home made crafts, or sweets are treasured.
Im pretty easy actually. Would prefer something for Mya, she is in size 12-18 months. OR if my santa would rather get me something then I like kitchen gadgets, recipe books......maybe a hand made one with your fav recipes as well as the forum favs that have been mentioned. I do have a scentsy melter so any wax for that would be good too.
I put a bunch of stuff in my email, but will list things here also. I like t-shirts (have lots of sweatshirts--don't need those) in size 2x. Love having something horsie on them. Don't really wear jewelry, but do wear a blingy bracelet when I can. Like throw blankets cause we keep it cool in the house. Love milk chocolate--especially the kind I will not buy for myself because of cost. I do a lot of quick bread baking in various size pans. Could use the regular size loaf pan and the very mini size. Also like unusual cupcake shape pans--lol--like the fun. Muffins are so fun in shapes. Like scented wax or oils for our scentsy pot. I do a lot of crocheting so a few fun colors (I like to mix things up so even left over yarn is great--even a garage sale or flea market find) would be great. Always love fun and unusual ink pens. When working at shows, I will mostly use purple or black ink, but any ink will get used. I need a new mouse pad. Mine is getting a bit ratty. I keep working on my hair so can always use some pretties for that. OH, yea--I use millions (ok, maybe hundreds :) of post it notes. Whenever I need to remember something, I post it on my computer screen. (In front of my nose so I won't forget). We don't decorate for Christmas, but have several neat ornaments from past Christmas pinned on my desk so an ornament will work, but nothing big. Have 3 little dogs and a bigger one that all love special doggy treats.
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I knew right away that you put the wrong name in your hubby's sign up. I corrected it and sent it out the right way.

No worries Angie!
I'm easy to please. I mostly like the excitement of giving and getting from someone you might not know very well on the forum. I think I gave a few hints in my email but you can't ever go wrong with lime green
Thanks Angie!

I somewhere have records of the SS going back the (I think) 9 years I've done this. I stay on top of things, trying my best to make this fun for everyone! Though to match people up, I only go back to 2007 and make sure that I don't match up those that have been matched up before. It is very labor intensive! A labor of love!

I take my job very seriously! People enjoying SS and the other fun things here at LB mean a lot to me!

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