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Nov 30, 2002
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SW Oklahoma

Yes I know you all already gave a hint or two when you signed up. And yup, I sent those hints in the Santa emails! BUT!!! maybe people ask me to ask their person for more ideas! More hints!
What's your favorite color? What size do you wear? What size is your mini/pony? Can you post here photos of your minis/ponies and give their names?
Post any ideas or hints you've thought of since you sent in your sign up.

Come on and DO it! You know you want to! Your Santa will be checking here hoping to see a post from you!

I BEG that if you do email me asking me to ask your person a question PLEASE include the person's FORUM NAME so I know who you're talking about.

Here is the sign up thread link so you can see the rules, gift amount, deadlines etc


ALL emails are being sent out! If you don't get yours by Nov 1st NIGHT, check your junk folder. If it's not there I can resend it. Email me at [email protected]
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So exciting, just mailed my package!!
You are on it! Wow!

I put a bunch of tips on my email but I know this thread helps me out every year so....

Lime green is favorite

I'm a dog groomer so anything grooming, shears, doggy related

4 minis, Candace - bay pinto, Clementine - bay, Major - black pinto, Pistol - chestnut w/ flax

size M in most everything

love wool socks, gloves, beanies, anything warm

I appreciate homemade

I love to knit

Happy Holidays everyone!
Been crazy busy shopping and crafting. Hoping to get the package all wrapped up and mailed off this week.

As far as hints, purple is my favorite color, I've been on a hot cocoa kick lately. I'm into cows, chickens, bunnies and cats and pheasants, I like anything with pheasants on it, or beagles lol. We've been working on decorating the farmstand, so any cute pictures or statues of farm animals would be cool. I love this game, it's so much fun.
My favorite color is brown (I know, it sounds boring but think of all the brown things: wood, fallen leaves, bay horses!). I like handmade things, and things from my Santa's area; it's fun to find out more about other areas! I don't really care for anything that is scented. I like dark chocolate. A container of old buttons would be a special treat for me.

I still have the handmade gifts from the first Secret Santa years and think of the givers fondly when I see them.

Gosh, I'm at the time of my life when I pretty well have everything I need. So something my Santa thinks of as festive or fun would be welcome.
Found out I have lots more room in my box to fit things so I'm picking up a few little treats and then shipping tonight or tomorrow
Shipped a few days later than I wanted but it's in the mail. Says it's expected Tuesday but we'll see. Merry Christmas Y'all!
Mailed my gifts out today, had to wait until the last item arrived before I shipped it out. I got the box all taped up.. and forgot to put the card in lol. I will mail it separately. Pretty much sums up how everything else has been going around here lately. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!

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