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MiLo Minis

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Jul 12, 2004
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ON Canada
...the name of the tack vendor that was on the right hand side of the middle aisle just as you came in the door at AMHR Nationals? They had a really good selection of Miniature Horse bits and I bought several but would like to get a few more and I can't for the life of me remember their name
I am hoping they also have a website?
I believe you are talking about Mini Express. I think the website is
Hi Lori

this is charles Jacobe's uncle the vender was mini express or Herrons as we bought a cart from one and bits from the other and they were close to each other.

we just bought a new stallion and hope to get all the paper work in order this week

Thanks everyone! I was thinking it was MiniExpress but when I went on their website they didn't have nearly all the bits listed that they had available there so thought I must have the wrong one. I guess I will just have to email them and see if I can get the ones I want from them. Thanks again!!!

Congratulations on the new stallion Charles! Say hi to Jacobe for me will you!

I have noticed most vendors do have all of their tack listed on their web sites. Diane had a gorgeous selection of silver show halters and none were listed on her site. They were at her booth tho.


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