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Oct 1, 2003
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Hi, All!

I know with Nationals and other committments we all got a little crazed as far as finding a time to meet online. I am wondering how Next Thursday, October 30th looks for everyone. I'll send out an e-mail as well, but thought I would post here too to make sure I don't miss anyone.

After this month we can re-set a regular day to meet!


Hi Lara,

Thanks for posting that. With all that is going on, I forgot about meeting! And I don't know what I would do without you reminding me!!!! But Can I make a suggestion and suggest to put it off for 1 week?

The reason I ask is that is the day before Halloween and many people will be out getting ready for it. If our SCs have children, then there is a good chance that they will be baking goodies for school, getting costumes ready, ect.

So if we put it on the first week of NOV then we will cover November's meeting also. Then have one in Dec during the first week. So the proposed dates would be 11/6/2003 and 12/4/2003. Hopefully this will keep us away from the holidays...

Let me know what you think! And I am sure that there is loads of things to chat about.

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That's a great plan!! Everyone let us know how that looks for you.

It does sound like we have TONS to discuss!

Those dates sound good to me. Looking forward to meeting and chating with you all.

November 6th would be better. Can make that one for sure. Denise
11/6 & 12/4 sounds ok to me. Will try to remember to be there.