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Dec 22, 2004
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Windham, Maine
Does anyone know anything about this sale? Ad in farm paper says 40 minis and shetlands. Sale ad says for Voegali family in Woodbury, CT.

7 AMHA/AMHR stallions and 5 ASPC Stallions. Mares and foals also.

Don't think we will go but wondered if anyone knew more about it.

If anyone goes....could you look and see if they have a mare named Bryland Farm Magpie Eagle? She'd be a bay, about 33" and oh....15 or 16 now? Neck ten miles long, very horselike, amazing powerhouse trot. I've always wondered what became of her. She was barren (malformed uterus and one subfunctional ovary) and was sold to them as a driving prospect. If she's there I'd love to get a picture....

The farm is well-hidden in Woodbury. Get good directions, because you can't see it from the road (unless they've put up signs), and maps for that area of CT can be useless.
A lot of roads have similar names, don't have roadsigns, or don't have the right roadsigns because the local kids like to swap them around.
The add was in Country Folks New England Addittion.

The Autioneer is


There are some harness and tiny pic of a 4 wheel carriage. Horses are in various stages of training

Address given is 48 North Forty Road, Woodbury,CT

I did check the auctioneer web site. They normally do farm and real estate sales.

Funny, I was just going to make an announcement of this but I see you have already. Yes, I know the farm and according to the Auction Book I have there are approximately 50, many Paints, Miniature HOrses and Shetland Ponies, Carts, Harness, halters, leads, feed buckets, rakes, mucking forks and other tack and accessories.

I plan to go so if you are there, please introduce yourself.

August 20th at 10 a.m.

Thanks for the info - sorry for the lapse in my manners, I meant to get back

before now! I got their catalog as I was interested in the mini mares - there are 14 mini mares mostly 15 yrs old and up - all solid except for 1 amhr paint filly. There are more shetlands than minis and so far only 1 mini foal (colt) in the sale. No bred mares except for a possible few exposed to a stallion that got loose. The Reeces sale is the same day but this one is only 1/2 hr from me , so I plan attending as I would like to get a mini driving harness and some will be in the sale.

There is not any mare named Fallen Farms Magpie Eagle but there is one called Fallen Farms Ashes and (something - sorry I 'll check again!)
MountainView- her prefix is Bryland Farm Magpie Eagle (or might be Magpie Bay Eagle) If I remember correctly, she was a Sligo Little Sugar Daddy Jr daughter......

I wouldn't be suprised if she had been sold down the road a long, long time ago, though.

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