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Mar 22, 2004
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I have a seven month old Australian shepherd puppy. He is quite compared to other dogs of his breed that I have met, but still has plenty of energy. Currently we walk for 45minutes to an hour every day followed by some time to run off leash in the park. Usually he is tired of about half an hour of fetching, but some days we are at the park for an hour.

I would really like to start running with him soon. Is he old enough to take for short runs? They would be short, probably run 5 min, walk for 10 (If I can even run that long LOL). I am not a runner, so we would start slow, for both of our sake. If not when could we start? I have read 6 months, a year, and 2 years on different web sites.

Any advice?
I think he'll be fine--Puppies need lots of attention and I swear mine could run for hours! lol Good luck =)
I'd ask your vet and maybe get some help from the Aussie people. I have newfies and in newfies we encourage exercise and play while they are maturing instead of running. Rule of thumb with newfs is 5 minutes walk per month of age (no running). Has to do with allowing hips to set and for their bones to mature. Could be aussies are different from giant breeds though. I live with a very active whippet puppy so I totally have sympathy.

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