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Dec 30, 2006
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RIP Asko, my dishwasher.

Decided to die on me last night, complete with full load that had to be handwashed! Now I have dishpan hands and I'm not happy. Hubby won't be back from Canada for a few weeks yet, so it looks like the kids and I will be hand washing for some time yet!

Aghhhhhh, I hope it can be bought back from the dead.
Good luck! Ours died many months ago, my brother finally installed a brand new one for us Sunday.

Doesn't work!

Now, we hand wash, while standing right next to this shiny new dishwasher while we wait to get a technician out. :DOH!
I never use our dishwasher. With just the two of us it would take days to get it full enough for me to run it. Since I quit using ours my daughter and her family have started doing the same thing.

Hope you get your new one in very soon.
I am so sorry. It's only two of us here and we are only here half the week in the summer months, but I still use mine....sometimes it sits until all of the coffee cups are used up (10 days roughly)...and then I'll run it. We don't cook here in the summer months either, but dang if I'm gonna wash those cups! Now up north I have to do the dishes by hand...and it sucks!
My husband needs to come home....things are breaking!

The funny thing is that I never thought twice about using dishes. Now if I see the kids getting out a glass, I say "you still have one on the table, don't dirty more dishes!". :DOH!
Hm. I've never had a dishwasher...I think if I did have one, though, I'd miss it when it died.

Sorry about the appliance. Hope your hub makes it home, soon!


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