Register my 2012 foal color question Sorrel or Chestnut Pinto?

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sorrel or chestnut pinto

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  • chestnut pinto

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Sorrel and Chestnut are the same basic thing genetically. Stock horse breeds differentiate between the two. Very few other breeds do. It has nothing to do with flaxen manes and tails - but coat colour.

Sorrel = red tint, so think copper, rust, sienna.

Chestnut = brown tint, so think milk chocolate, coffee, caramel.

Flaxen manes and tails, lighter shading on the legs and bellies, slightly darker manes and tails etc. are all modifiers on the base colour.

Chestnut Quarter Horses...



Sorrel - more red...



But all of those ^ are simply chestnuts in most breeds...
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My AQHA mare was registered as a chestnut (sorry not a great pic, but I didn't have a digital camera when I had her):

Foolish - March 2, 1997 - for web.jpg

both her AQHA son, and APHA daughter were registered as sorrel:

APHA mare (breeding stock):

Hayley - Sept 30, 2008 - 1.jpg

AQHA gelding (Rebel is on the left of the pic, couldn't find a decent pic of just him, the filly with him is out of APHA mare):

Rebel and Sassy - June 18, 2006 - 1.jpg

and, just for fun:

Rebel - May 26, 2003.jpg

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