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my yearling filly that was so sick last year is still having a hard time bouncing back. I was told to put her on red cell. What is that stuff??? I notice too alot of show horses at the shows are fed red cell. Can someone help?
it is a iron rich supplement, smells awful and most horses dont like it at all.

Apple flavored iron Horse gives you the same benefits and most horses really like it.
Red cell is the main ingredient in racehorse supplements. I have fed it for over 25 yrs to them and minis. Have never had a horse not eat it ever. Its high in iron, gives energy. Oh yes I am a red cell fan. Im not at home to give the ingred but go on line Im sure you can read it on the valley vet label..... I personally dont think it tastes bad.
My horses LOVE red cell. It has a pleasing aroma and they dive into it.

It's good for building an appetite and energy levels. In fact, they can get downright hyper on it if you overdo it.

It comes in a gallon jug and you use a squirt pump on the top.
so you guys think it would be good for my filly?? Im trying to get weight on her etc.
It will stimulate her appetite and it is fairly inexpensive. I order mine from Jeffers...dont forget the squirt pump.

I think its about $15-17 per gallon and a single squirt twice a day will be plenty for her so should last a WHILE.
I've used it and always keep it on hand. Stallions, especially, can decide it isn't as much fun to eat as court the's helped with "those" type guys and/or if an animal is off feed, it can help them bounce back. Mine don't mind the taste at all.

Look at it this way, won't hurt!
We feed red cell to my daughters QH barrel horses. We have had to cut back on doing it daily because one of them started to bleed out the nose when running the pattern.
give it a try. You will like it. I give mine like a squirt of it, it comes in a gallon, can be spendy depends on where you get it. I went and bought 4 gallons when it was on sale at Big R for 13.99 gallon. Otherwise I found it the cheapest at Valley Vet.
I have used it on racehorses and minis, it is great stuff!!! Will definately perk up an appetite and increase their energy!!!
It's a really old thing, this. I use broad spectrum B vitamin injections now, much easier especially for foals. Red Cell is good stuff, though, and not dear, as has been said.

It's a great idea if you have an iron deficiency and a horse with no energy or a horse that is very lethargic, sickly and can't turn that corner. No chance of that here with all the iron in my water! Used traditionally for race horses. Talk about getting them "pepped up" an understatement.

so you guys think it would be good for my filly?? Im trying to get weight on her etc.


I don't think you need that one I O TA in your case unless you feel your horse is deficient in iron. I would not use that at all for weight gain. There's way too many other ways too do that by changing the feed program around and what about adding that beet pulp?.
If your filly has been sick then I would use it. It will help build her system back up as well with much needed iron. We give it to our show horses and usually just put the amount in a syringe and give it like paste dewormer in the side of the jaw. They don't mind at all. I buy it by the gallon at the local Southern States and it usually runs about $14 a gallon.
Recently the Budweiser Clydes were in the area and I went to see them. I noticed they squirted Red Cell onto the horses' grain so it must be good! Those horses are worth bucko dollars and get only the best of care - made me think twice about adding it to my horses' rations. I think I'll give it a try too... Can't hurt.
Wishful --- It's neat to hear you mention Iron Horse. My vet invented the stuff & mixed it for years in his office basement. I think he has a process place now, but I'm not sure. My former farrier was his first distributor! How 'bout that!
I'll go the other way on the red cell. I guess I just like to be different. I fed it to a awesome mare that I was barrel racing on alot. I don't feed much for suppliments, I'm a plain, grass hay, alfalfa cubes, and whole oats person, but they wanted to sponsor me so I took the deal. It's nice to get paid to run before you leave home and everyone had talked so good about it I was like you all "it couldn't hurt", but it did. It wasn't two weeks after I started feeding it to her that she went thorough some serious bouts of colic, plus it messed up her cycle really bad. She would come into heat for a week, then out for a week, in for two days, out for a month, in.... well you get the point. There was just no rhyme or reason to her cycles anymore. Plus, as I said a mare that had always been healthy was having bad colic about once a week. Sometimes I'd go check on her and she'd just be soaked with sweat and shaking, then a little while later she was fine. Well, I was young and dumb and didn't know much, and my parents and the vets kept saying "it's good stuff, that can't be what is causing this". Well, after she was on it for 2 months we had had enough and we took her off. Two weeks later she wansn't colicking anymore, no more shaking and sweating and after two months her cycles were more normal. It was six months before her cycles were fully normal again, but I have never used it since. I don't know if my mare was just a freak that had a reaction or what, but I won't use it anymore. I know that I have had alot of friends use it and almost everyone that uses it really likes it, but I'm just letting you know what happened to one of mine.
I would consider using it on a sick horse. It can be hard on the liver. Check with Robin C. I had a conversation with her about Red Cell before, she can explain.
Hi Kaykay

I've used it on my 32 yr old since she was 18 stopped just recently when I put the whole barn on Buckeye Gro N Win. She did really well on it.

Just be careful because it is high powered stuff, if your feeding a ration balancer I wouldn't use it too.

Get with the nutritionist that manufactures your horse feed and ask them to be safe.
Do some research on iron supplements first. There is some evidence it actually can contribute to anemia (go figure). Also have your horse's blood tested. Why supplement if it is not needed? To put on weight there are much better products on the market that are proven to work - corn oil, probiotics etc.
sorry i didnt make myself very clear. Im not wanting to red cell to really increase her weight but to help her turn the corner. She is so much better then she was over the winter but still not 100 percent. I have her on a very good feed program and i know from exp it take so much longer to put weight on a horse so I am being patient with that. But i had heard that the red cell would make her feel better and help her along quicker. I went ahead and bought some and i see it is full of other vitamins as well as iron.

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