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Feb 6, 2006
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Hello everyone!

Well it's show season again and we are retraining my gelding named Cuz...

When I took him on I knew he had the potential to go far..he hasn't actually been ridden in 3 years..we are going to start retraining him into saddle because I plan to show in 4-H. We have a trainer at the barn that I board that specializes in walkers..but she has a son and hardly anytime to help me. Some stable help that are close to the trainer are offering to help how should we go about doing this? He is a very nice and well-tempered boy..(He is in my pic at the left)

How was he to ride three years ago? It may be just a matter of "reminding", as long as his past is a positive one.

I'm not an experienced rider OR a trainer, but we do own riding horses that sometimes go for months without being ridden. So when we do pull them in, we round pen them - free longe. Then, we saddle them and round pen them a little more. Since it's been 3 years, I would round pen him with the saddle several times over a few days before having someone ride him. See how he reacts to the saddle, which will tell you how much "reminding" he's going to need. The rider needs to also round pen him while on his back several times. And the rider needs to be experienced and LIGHT HANDED.

Just for the record, even with our experienced horses, if they have not been ridden for awhile we do all the round penning like I described before taking them out.......The difference is that we do it all on the same day and it doesn't take very long. They each -- Sissy, Beau, Julie -- get into the mindset of being ridden very quickly.

Again, I need to say, this is only what WE do........We are not trainers and both of us are fairly novice riders.

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