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Jul 17, 2005
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My miniature colt is eligible for registration in both AMHA and AMHR. Its going to cost us quite a bit of money to get him registered, especially since we also live in Canada and he is already a yearling
Anyway his dam is about 33'-34' (haven't got an exact current measurement yet) and his sire is about 30'-31'. We are worried that he may go overheight for AMHA because he is only a yearling and is already in the 31' range. We also heard that gelding him may make him grow a couple inches taller! I always thought this was a myth...because it is when it comes to full size horses, but I was told it is true for minis! If he is going to go overheight, we would not both registering him AMHA because it would be a waste of I right in thinking he will go overheight and should I only register him AMHR?

Also, I have done AQHA showmanship more times than I can count, but never showmanship with miniature horses. Are you allowed to use an Arab style halter in mini showmanship? Do you use the quarter system with a miniature? The quarter system seems rather difficult as they are so small! If you dont do the quarter system do you do the half system?

When you set up your horse in mini showmanship are they set up stretched, or are they set up more square? If you had to compete in mini showmanship against bigger horses would you set square or stretched? (The judge shows her own minis)

Sorry for so many questions...but I get confused over whether or not minis are shown similar to AQHA!
I do not think a 31" yearling will go out of AMHA, I would go for both. It is not a myth, in either biggies or Minis, gelding causes the growth plates to stay open longer- but it will not make a couple of inches difference, more like 1/2"
[SIZE=14pt]I agree, I think he is going to stay under 34. It is better to use a western style for showmanship because you should wear western clothes. In AMHA they use the quarter system just like QH in AMHR they use halves. Do you have all your paperwork to get the colt reg? I think it is odd for him to be already a yearling and not registered.[/SIZE]

I posted earlier for info on how to get him registered. The breeder is a friend of ours who also breeds sheep, and a small number of cattle. Her daughter a good friend of mine was also having her prom this past year. With all the excitement that has been going on she never had time to send the papers in and get him registered. She has all the necessary information to get him registered, it was just a matter of getting everything together and finding the time to send it off. She said we could do it together the next time I come to visit him before we take him home.

Registering a yearling as I have just found it is pretty expensive, we plan on sharing the cost. Is it worth it in the long run to register him in both AMHA and AMHR?
[SIZE=14pt]as a gelding it doesnt matter. Which do you have more opportunities to show him with if that is your desire???[/SIZE]

Thats where I would register him.

Usually in our area the miniature shows are "sort of" combined shows. The AMHR show is the first day, with AMHA on the second day. I think we will try to get him registered in both, because I would have more opportunities to show him.

Thanks for all the advice!

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