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Apr 17, 2008
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Our local club (open show club) is offering some mini classes, one being HALTER OBSTACLE. They are writing the rules for the class, and want to make sure to include "measurements" concerning the ground poles and trot overs. {specifically need distance between walk over poles and jog over poles}

I cant fint the measurements ANYWHERE. I did go to the online rule book (both A & R) and the section for HALTER OBSTACLE/driving obstacle did not have anything.



.....miss-spelled the title LOL

Should be "about"
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I've never heard anything about specific measurements between trot poles or walk poles and I do alot of halter obstacle. With my mini horse for trot poles I usually do nearly two feet inbetween, maybe a little less. And a little less for walk poles. Usually just measure the stride of an average mini and place the poles like that or just guess where they should be. A mini should learn to step between them and adjust himself to where you place the poles. Then you can adjust them and teach the mini to lengthen and shorten his stride.
I think its up to the designer of the course. Your horse should be able to do anything, but most are practical. Just lay the poles down and trot a horse over and walk a horse over to decide your distance. Also, I've seen them put on a zig zag type pattern (ends touching in opposite poles).
Thank you for the information!

Sounds like there is no "required" measurements.

We will be at the Reno show next week and I might find out something there.

Thanks again for the reply!!

no rule for distance between tort poles....

For the smaller mini's keep it a good 2 ft for the bigger minis go for 2 1/2 ft...for walk poles 2 ft is a good distance..

As mentioned Most horses that are trained well in Obstacle will and can adjust their distance between poles, I did a course at Our clubs sponscered AMHR show April 19th and I had a walk around that was 1 1/2 ft one way and 2 ft the other way a bit of a challenge but horses were able to adjust their gait and did great.

Trot cones were 2 1/2 ft between each cone.

Jenn. H.
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No, I do believe there are minimums and maximums as at the shows in Area V, they spend a lot of time measuring to make sure. And since we also have quite a few ASPC/AMHR shows, they have to make adjustments for the shetlands. I just don't know exactly what the specifics are! Sorry.

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