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Sep 21, 2004
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I am taking in 2 reg size horses. The 7 yr old has a clubed foot and the 18 has ring bone. I am wondering will they still be okey for light riding?. Mainly walk/ trot thing, Also going down the road?. They are suppose to be and that is what I am looking for as I haven`t riden in a few yrs.Would it be save for me to adopt them or an I asking for heart acke?. Thanks
This is a tough one to answer without seeing the horses/feet. Is it high ring bone or low ring bone? Low ring bone is the bottom part of the joint and can sometimes fuse itself...the horse will have a stiff foot but not painful and could be used for light riding. High ring bone has a poor prognosis, I had a horse that developed high ring bone and I eventually had to put him down...he was a wonderful animal too and absolutely broke my heart. As for the club foot I'd ask your farrier....will definately take more hoof care and may lead to other problems in the leg. Good luck....personally I'd look for sound horses.
Ring bone is one of those darn stupid things that has no one answer. It's common in an ageing horse.

It can cause lameness and it may not.

I may swell up and it may not.

It may hurt, but it may not.

It may appear not to hurt, but surely can.

There are so many forms of ring bone it would make your head spin.

It's a 50/50 gamble.

As for club feet, I wouldn't worry half as much with that one. I'd rely heavily on a good farrier to custom some righteous shoes for riding purposes and guide you in the right direction. Do a google search and there is a whole lot of info out there on this.

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