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I do put her in cross ties or while she’s busy eating. She’s gotten wise to me now and starts moving away or dancing around as soon as I pass her shoulder lol. I’ll try a warm cloth I think I’ll get someone to hold her. I think once she understands what I’m trying to do she won’t mind. She’s just so guarded now!
You could try some advance and retreat. Move towards her till she shows the first sign of not being happy then move away. When she figures out you are listening she will get easier with it. Scratch your way back there, don't just move in.
Good idea I’ll try Approach and retreat! I could usually easily scratch my way in but not now! Lol
My girl normally doesn't care for much touching anyway, but when pregnant...forget it! Good luck. Hopefully you can get her to accept it and you can get your milk samples. If you can't, it's not the end of the world so don't get frustrated. Take your time. She will feel it if you are frustrated or relaxed. You could try "bribes" or rewards as well.
Update on Luna. She has dropped in her belly over the last couple days. Starting to loosen up in the hind end. Her udder just stared to change and progress since yesterday. Here are some pics from this morning. Still not able to express milk opinions welcome!


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Don't worry about not being able to get milk, it makes it easier to figure out the timing but you can tell a lot from how she looks too. Her belly looks lower but I'm not good at whether that's dropped or not, one of the pros should be along with an opinion on that. Keep a good eye on her udder, if it stops going down when she's out during the day she could be close even if it's not filled yet, they don't all go by the book unfortunately but I have a feeling she will have more udder before she foals. Don't take my word for it though, I'm wrong a lot 😊
She’s progressing nothing serious yet....she’s very loose in the back end, Vulva will elongate and then shrink back up. Her udder is steadily getting bigger but it doesn’t really change during the day. I’ll post some pictures in the morning! Thanks for asking!!
Well she’s showing every sign but her udder is filling very slow. Last she was restless all night, circling around her stall, pawing, some soft stools, urinating frequently, this morning she’s seems fine! Here are today’s pictures.
Flying on Boo!! We are neck and neck with these mares! Mine was pasture bred July and August!


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Was she actually seen breeding in August? I'm glad you're watching her at night, even with that udder being small she could make some changes quickly and surprise you with a baby. Looking good!
No apparently the previous owner saw the stud around her during the first week of July and the first week of August but doesn’t know if they actually need during those days
So basically her udder doesn't look textbook for 'anytime now' but everything else is so you're not getting much sleep. Ugh, I'm sorry, hopefully soon!
Well still waiting!! She’s definitely close she’s so uncomfortable poor girl. Her udder is big but no wax or milk yet. Vulva very elongated and swollen, belly has dropped. Just still waiting.....she’s taking her time!

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