Pixs of of our new itty bitty guy

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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
Here are a few pictures taken this afternoon, his first time out! Maybe it will give you a better idea on color as well. He is just so tiny! But very full of attitude and he LOVES people! He just gets so excited when people are around he takes off, mom is none to happy, she is very protective, but she knows he is ok with us! We had so much fun with him this afternoon!

Someone said, to bad it's a boy. I understand the statement, really I do. But after losing 3 of my 5 last year, having ALL healthy ones this year,,,,,heck they could been aliens and I wouldn't have cared!

Very pleased with all 3 of my babies this year!!!

Thanks so much for being here for all 3 of them and for all your help!


He is DARLING!! Congratulations! I love that big blaze. He "looks" palomino in those pictures, but in order for him to be palomino, his sire would have to be palomino or cremello, I believe. Very pretty no matter what color he is!
You're saying you wouldn't care if your mares gave birth to aliens? hehe sorry I had to. I know what you mean though and I'm deffinetly glad all your babies are healthy! That is what ultimetly matters!

He is such a beautiful baby!!!! So precious and tiny!
Mum is just as beautiful too! Not as tiny though!!!heheh
He looks great!!!
I'm going to guess he will maybe be a strawberry roan color? You've got alot to be proud of this year.....I've learned so much from your foaling posts this year plus your other informative posts and willingness to share with all.
Enjoy all your foals, they are beautiful!
What a nice little guy, that first time out is always so much fun for them.
He is a pretty little fella. Congrats on a nice one and have fun watching him play! Lavonne

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