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Feb 3, 2004
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I now have WATER in the barn! YEAH! And I did it all by myself!
You are very resourceful! Congratulations on your new water.

Love that little path that leads to your barn, that looks gorgeous back there. It's looking so cozy and like a delightful little trek to the barn. Bet it's just beautiful in the fall too. Please post pics of your barn when you can, inside and out!
Mr. AlB. I could have read a BOOK while that machine did all the work.

But don't fret I got plenty of physical labor with the post hole diggers where that MIGHTY MACHINE couldn't go.

I have been in the BUTT CRACK of the EARTH and lived to tell the story........

I still have the electric/coax/phone line to manually bury.
You can run the electric and phone lines in another pipe and bury it the same way. It will not need to go near as deep. Just a thought as in most areas the electic line needs to be run in a pipe anyway.
Hi Geese, I purchased the "BIG" 3 wire underground cable that doesn't need a housing.

I do plan on putting the phone and coax in the same type of pipe the water is in only 1" and 21" from the electric per AlB.

That DITCH WITCH was a RIOT to operate. I was ready to dig me a moat around the entire house.
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Whoohoo! When the weather breaks for good here, we'll be doing that too at the new farm. It has a good well, but we're putting in the lines to rural water too.

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