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Okay I finally got the pic to load. It was HUGE. Isnt she adorable??

Awww, she's a doll, and she looks well cared for, and relatively healthy.(considering she is a dwarf)
She looks good, but looks can be deceiving. She has extreme problems with her back hooves the infection caused the frogs to die out and fall off. You could see her bones. She's better now as the woman who has her has done wonders, but the weather in AK is not doing her any favors and rather than put here through another winter up there, the owner wants her to be in a warmer dryer climate. Joy will need constant care of all 4 feet along with all the other problems that come with Dwarves.

We are very lucky to have a Foster Home in GA that is experienced in Dwarves (they have several) and are anxiously awaiting her arrival. We hope within the month. Her owner is bringing her to AZ, we will have to arrange transport to TX, then we have a relay from TX to GA all set up. Anyone out there, if you can help with transport between AZ and TX, we would be very grateful. She is going to Gilmer, TX for her restover. That's in the NE part of TX.

Ginny StP
I want to say her owner worked miracles with this mare! When she got her she weighed 60 lbs and all 4 hoofs were abcessed. This owner has spent months wrapping her hooves and nurturing her back to relative health. Understandably the owner was getting overwhelmed caring for her and knew a warmer dryer climate was best. She rarely sets her right back hoof down as it is unable to bear weight but I couldnt get all the pics to post. But she is a cutie!

Please let us know if you can help with transport!
Thanks for the background on Joy. Sounds like she has had a rough start, but is in great hands now!
Hello Everyone I am Susan from Ga and I will be Joy new Foster Mama. I am excited about her coming to live with me and my Tiny Mites. She will get nothing but the best of care and pampering from us. And she will definitely will be spoiled rotten just like Tommy and Hershey which are my other two dwarfs.

I live about 45 miles south of Chattanooga Tennessee. I am a full time paramedic and mother of two boys or should I say if I include my husband.........lol.......nooooooooooo he is a good man and loves the dwarfs as much as I do.

I look forward to working with the rescue and making some new friends. I met Ginny on my Dwarfcow group on Yahoo and have met her in person and she is a wonderful lady. I have bought one of her mini mares and she is a absolute angel. I call her Chipmonk altho you might have heard her call her Leilani.......I look forward to chatting with ya'll..............

Susan and the Tiny Mite Crew
Aww, she is a cutie Kay. How wonderful that her owner has done so much for her and is now giving her an even better life by letting her go.

And how wonderful of you Susan to take on the responsibility of caring for her and your other two dwarves.
We can't wait for Joy's arrival, I have already spoke with my farrier and told him about her and told him my game plan for her little hooves after he checks them out. I will be buying some little weather proof dog boots (like I put on my donkey boys when their feet where bad) and that will keep her hooves clean and dry from the dew while she has medicine on them for the abcesses if they are still there.

................So you might say we have a game plan laid out and will go from there once we check her little hooves out. .............................

...........can you tell we are bouncing with excitement
I may be able to help with the transport. I live in Tucson Az. Not too

sure of the miles. Where would she need to be picked up? What is

the time frame? I have transported mini's between California and

Tucson so would be willing to spend the time and money doing this.

Let me know

Oh Gini, that's wonderful. The owner is bringing her to AZ sometime in the next coouple of weeks. We don't know exactly where in AZ yet. We've got from Gilmer, TX to her new home in GA covered. We need from where ever in AZ to Gilmer TX. Any Texans out there that can meet Gini halfway???? Maybe someone from NW TX then some one from there to Gilmer which is NE TX Just two more legs to fill.

Thank you so much Gini for this offer it is very much appreciated. As soon as we have the details, we'll let you know.

Ginny StP
I'm glad to be of help for this little one.. Just let me know when and where.

My DH and I are retired and have someone that takes care of my horses while

we are gone.

This will be a fun worthwhile trip.... She is such a beautiful little horse

just heard she is coming the last week of july but again she forgot to tell me what city!! ughhh. Im trying!


Are they flying her in? If so it will probably be to Phoenix which is

no problem.. I'm very excited about a road trip and will have another

mini mom who's also a dwarf mommie with me.

This is exciting. I can't wait for Joy to arrive. I too am excited about a road trip to pick her up. I appreciate all the help we are getting to get her here to Georgia. This is going to be a awesome relay with a awesome little horse.
my boys are excited about her coming also. They love the dwarfs as much as I do.

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