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Dec 3, 2010
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Okay so last month my dad and I drove 2400 miles in 3 days to get a mini horse trailer. It's titan low pro but it's been custom fit with slant stalls. The second stall is a solid stall so you can push your wagon/cart up against it and it won't roll into your horses. It'll hold 2 minis and my marathon or Jerald wagon, 3 horses and my EE. Or 5 horses. It also has a tack/feed room in the front.1000009526.jpg
Oh that's lovely! Just the right size for them. How is it for you to stand in though? I'd worry about the bending down to clean it out...
It pulls really nice. We picked it up in Jerrall, TX. Took it out today to drive Wally and I absolutely love it. You do have to bend down in it but it's not terrible. I love that they can see out and that they have individual stalls. My wagons fit in the back really nice and the tack room is fantastic for feed and harnesses.

Maybe I'll make it to the National Drive some day!

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