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Mar 28, 2005
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Does anyone have a palomino roan, could you show pics? I have never seen a palomino roan, so If you have one please show me:)


You know, I think DERBY may be one. I've always wondered. He is a fairly light palomino. He's gotten more golden with "age" (is a 2000 model), but you can see light hairs through out his head and body (so he'd be sabino roan, not true roan I think).

He has produced just one foal, and he's now a gelding. His foal is a silver chestnut sabino roan, but the dam of this foal is a silver dapple pinto with sabino roaning... so I do not know if the roan on the foal is from Derby or from Lou, or both...

Here's a picture of Derby in 2002, and if you look good, you can see the white hairs in with the golden hairs.

[SIZE=14pt]Not a mini but a palomino roan![/SIZE]

This is "Khuppa Joe KpM" - aka "Blaze"!



He's by our Khemosabi son Khornerstone KpM and out of a true roan cremello QH mare!

Blaze's web page
but you can see light hairs through out his head and body (so he'd be sabino roan, not true roan I think).
So you can have sabino roaning without other sabino markings?

I ask because Chinook has roaning over his forehead, down his neck and into his sides but isn't coloring (or de-coloring) like a grey. The roaning isn't white it's a dark cream. Not trying to hijack the thread, just curious.
Yes, I do think you can.

In Derby's son, Skipper, who is a silver chestnut sabino roan, his only white markings apart from the roan hairs on his head, body and legs is a small star and a small, like smaller than the sliver of your baby fingernail, spot of white on his side... I bet on one on earth has even seen that spot other than me.

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you know Jill, I think my mare has sabino, she has a little spot on her rump, and white hairs coming out, Susan Oberg seen her in Person, and she said she thinks she has it too, so does these mean she is pinto? I dont know ANYTHING about sabino, is it a type of overo?

I LOVE your palomino, and he does kinda look like a palomino roan

and Dontworrybeappy, the mares is gorgeous, Thanks for sharing!

I actually do not know much of anything about sabino and pinto! Pinto is the area of color that I have gotten the least through my thick head. I cannot ever remember what pinto patern is called what, etc.! The main reason I know what sabino roan looks like is because of Skipper and because I own a "true roan" as well so I can see in person easily the differences in those two types of roan.

Thanks for the compliment about Derby. I have owned him since he was a yearling in 2001, and he is the first show horse I ever owned. He is really a once in a lifetime kind of horse for what he is on the inside. He is really special.
~Palomino~ said:
and Dontworrybeappy, the mares is gorgeous,  Thanks for sharing!



Just a note - Blaze (from Dontworrybeappy) is gorgeous but he's a gelding. He is a doll too! He looks even better in person!
All, beautiful horses.

But just as an added's confusing to call all Sabinos "roans". A lot of horses can have roaning, (such as Sabinos & Appys) without being a "true Roan". The term "Roan" should be reserved for the horses who have roaned bodies but the legs & head & mane & tail remain the base color (dark with no roaning).

Sabinos, are better referred to as "Palomino Sabino" or "Bay Sabino", or "Black Sabino" etc, leaving the term "roan" off of the description, as Sabino already indicates "roan".
Hi Gage,

This is a palomino roan that some good friends of mine own. :)

Susan O.

Susan, That isnt the bar bar e palomino stallion is it? Irish gold?

He is GORGEOUS, I like palomino roans!


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