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Hi All

We have two new additions to our family. They are BB and Peanut. They are currently being fostered by our own sweet Marty. They are a mother daughter team and I think Marty has her hands full.

Marty i cant get the pic to post can you post it for me?

A huge thanks to Marty for jumping in so willingly and helping---now if she could just get them to wear scrunchies! hehehehehe
That is so sweet of you Marty!...I am glad you found a good place for them to go kaykay...would love to see pictures whenever you get them posted!

Here I am.....I made it......varoooooommmmmmm!

No thanks necessary. I had an empty field and now it's gone to good use.

Ok on the left we have Peanut and on the right, we have her mama, BB.

Both are doing very well. They are eating like a horse too....and that's a good thing. They are enjoying the little hut I built them for shelter a lot. I find them in there several times a day and to my amazement, they even go in it during the rain.

I really enjoy being a foster mama. But the draw back is that I have grown a little too attached to that stubborn mama there, who is very insulting and refuses my grooming regimine. Here I am, grooming tools in the kit, toting it up to their private field daily, only to have her refuse me. Let's just say she has no intention of being caught and leave it at that. I tell you this mare is smart and sly as a fox.

Her daughter Peanut is different and sociable and she prefers to follow me around like a shadow.

So rather than keep you in suspence, I give you: (drum roll please)

Peanut and Dirty BB

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aww dang it its a red X i hate red x's!!!! marty i laff so hard thinking of you going up to bb with your cute scrunchies and her just turning tail and leaving in a huff LOL. im going to have to draw a new cartoon

ok after i posted the pic came up go figure
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KK I don't know why you get so many red x.......try reloading your internet explorer and checking your cookies....I want you to see these pics!
The pic is working for me...pretty pair, and they sure look in nice shape too! It's good to see THAT for a change, rather than the skinny little bodies we so often see in rescues!
They are beautiful, Marty!!! Thanks so much for getting the pictures up! What lucky little girls!!!
Marty, so glad you could step in with these two. They look like happy little campers in there own private field, with there own private hut......made just for them by YOU! Corinne

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