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Aug 18, 2003
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Arlington, Wa

So I am just looking into the different shows in the area, and trying to figure out which ones to go to. For those who have gone to the Oregon state fair, how is it? Are there many competitors? How in the world do you figure out what all you need to pay (I have done many different breeds, and will admit that the entry forms are just insane, but for this show, it seems almost impossible to figure out how much everything costs
.) When do miniatures move in/out? I looked online, and couldn't find a time for the minis.

Thanks, I am sure I will have more questions later.

There are a LOT of great exhibitors at the Oregon State Fair Show.

It is both an AMHR and AMHA show!

We usually move in on a Sunday evening and show through the week, though the majority of the Miniature classes are done by that Wednesday.

They've done a great job expanding the class list.

The entry forms are a bit confusing, but you will get it sorted out and the office staff are wonderful. The reason I love this show so much is because we get to show around other breeds and there is a lot of exposure to people that have never seen one before. I Love that they get to see a show horse (the finer examples of the breed as far as conformation and care, as opposed to the ones they see neglected out in a field somewhere), and learn how easygoing these horses are as well as pretty to look at.

Some people don't do the Fair because they're too busy getting ready to go to Nationals, but for the most part, there's a lot of great competition.

I went for the first time last year and found it really fun. I don't know if I'll make it this year with gas prices the way they are and quite a few weddings going that month but I'd like to. I did mostly the carriage driving classes and then AMHR jumper and liberty so the entry forms weren't too bad. By the time they had the schedule up they also had clear price lists for each breed/division in the PDF packets.

I think you'd enjoy it! It's also kind of cooling moving in Sunday night as there's no traffic from WA.

We should be there again this year. Horseless but I finally think the camera issue is sorted!!

So once everyone knows their show schedule, date, day, time..etc.. please post!! Because hubby will most likely have to take a day off work again.
Thanks everyone. It has always sounded like a fun show to go to in the past. So we start showing on the Monday and are done on Wednesday, or something along those lines? Thanks again.


We went to State Fair last year for the first time in several years........We focussed on AMHR. The classes were not big, about a half dozen horses on average, I would guess. And a few classes ended up not having any entries, so sometimes things went fairly quickly because of that. We arrived there on Sunday afternoon and left Wednesday. This allowed the horses some rest before showing and also gave us some time to see the fair.

I'm not sure if we are going this year or not. Some of it depends on whether I can steal my husband's truck from him.
I saw a list of breeds that were dropped due to low enteries every year, I don't know if it's this summer or in a few years, and AMHR classes was on that list. Is that true? Has anyone else heard that?
Well...cutting AMHR will tick me off if it is correct!

Amanda, I was already going to tell you that as wonderful as this show is, they do not have any Shetland classes any more. I wish they would bring those back.

Aside from that, this is my favorite show of the year...just a wonderful get-together with old friends, and a wonderful atmosphere.
Well, crap!

With high gas prices and now this cancellation, it looks like Mingus' halter career may be coming to an end...on to pinto shows for Scarlet and CDEs and ADS shows for Mingus.

Keith already put in for his vacation for that week, so he's not going to be happy...

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