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I wouldn't worry about not being able to geld him right away, his personality isn't going to change now and he can't breed your mare. You could ask your vet about ace granules, it's a powdered tranquilizer, not knock them out strong but might calm him down enough to get an iv. You could try getting some from her and putting it in his feed to see if it would work well enough with you so she doesn't have to come out and waste her time if it doesn't, just a thought.
I believe the BLM uses chutes, they don't throw them. But If you can get something feed through into him, that sounds like the best idea. Some people say that a horse is back to normal immediately after gelding. But I've talked to a few that did "rescue" studs and said that after the gelding they were a little tired and sore for a few days and it made it much easier to work on halter manners and bonding with them.
Somehow he managed to get rid of the rope....he's probably relieved....he's been dragging it around for months (according to former owner)
It wasn't stuck on anything just loose in the middle of the turn out pen....he seems ok....I don't think he's likely to hurt that thick neck just snapping off that ring...
I was planning on just hanging out with him a bit every day and letting him make the first move, so not having the rope doesn't really matter to me at this point.

Great steps and great photos! His cuteness factor is still off the charts! 😍

In the 1990’s, we adopted two BLM mustangs. One passed away at the age of 26, and our remaining mustang is 40 years old this year. I remember their extreme sensitivity to being touched ….anywhere. It took many thousands of baby steps.

Kelly, and, I think a few others, have posted photos of their cool obstacles with one being streamers to walk under. I can see this not being a great activity now 🤣 but would a modification be a thought to help Kazoo get comfortable with touch?
Wow! Forty years old! How lucky is he to end up with you!

I don't know if it's touch or humans ....or just human's touch....
Streamers are a good idea, though, just to get him used to different things in general. Unfortunately, right now the only place I could put them where he would have to walk through them would be the doorway to the stall and I don't want to discourage him from going into the stall because that's the only place he can go to get some relief from the flies...since we can't spray him or put a fly mask on him yet.

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