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Jun 1, 2015
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Southern California
Saw an ad for a project mini mule. I was under the impression he was gelded, but when I spoke to the owner she said he wasn't. So we would definitely have to have him gelded ASAP....but he's around 7 years old...and just reading at the American Donkey and Mule Society site it recommended gelding before 2 years.
The current owner bought him from an auction a month or so ago as a companion for her miniature horse, but he turned out to be too rowdy for her mini that has stringhalt.
Apparently he needs quite a bit of work....she said it seems like he's been manhandled, has trust issues. Doesn't lead (she keeps a 10' line on him). She said he's gentle hasn't shown any aggression to her dog, horses, loves her kids hanging out with him.
I'm not concerned about needing work, both Prince (pony) and Farah (Arab mare) had trust issues ...but I am a bit concerned that he isn't gelded. . We would have to keep him stalled until he was gelded and then most likely up to a month after.....I know every animal is an individual, and you really can't predict how they are going to be after gelding.....I would imagine if he's ok with horses now he would at least be the same after gelding, if not better....but, I've heard they are stronger than horses and can be pretty vicious, so......
Anyway, we will probably go see him tomorrow (unless we decide not to even take the chance.....I left a message for the vet asking how soon she would be able to geld him...that may make a difference).
Opinions/advice would be most appreciated 😄 Thanks
Mule not donkey? Yes, mules are sterile. Gelding him will get rid of hormones but at his age his personality is what it is. Being a stud doesn't mean he's bad or hard to deal with it just means you've got what you've got after gelding. If he's a sweetheart hell stay that way, if he's aggressive it might improve but probably not much. He might not play as rough after but no guarantee. If you do bring him home I'd have him in a separate paddock for the first while and get him more catchable etc. while they are getting to know each other through the fence. You can do a quick t bar and mesh inside your big paddock maybe near the barn to make it easier for you. I'd go see him and if you like him assume he's not going to change but if he does it should be for the better. Donkeys and mules are a little different to handle than horses but not in a bad way, they like more think time and you have to go slower with them.
Thank you everyone!

Yeah, he would be sterile, I'm concerned he may become aggressive when she's in season.

A trial period is a good idea, but, I don't know how open she would be to that....she lost her help and is desperate to re-home a lot of her animals....but, it can't hurt to ask if she'll take him back if it doesn't work out.

Going slow isn't a problem, especially in the summer...when it's 110 + out I don't do much 😆
I guess it's tomorrow now....she won't be available today.
At first she told me someone from a rescue was picking him up Monday, then said we could come see him tomorrow (Sunday)....when I asked about the rescue she said she's had so many people flake on her she's not counting on anyone (the rescue owner didn't show up to see him on Friday, but they had a mini horse that foaled....so kind of had a good reason)....the thing is the rescue has a mini mule....I kind of wonder if it might be better for him to go to a place with one of his own kind?
I guess we can check him out tomorrow....maybe wait and see if the rescue follows through.
You could go see him and check out the one at the rescue too. Maybe they've done some work with that one or can tell you more about him/her with horses.
Maybe you could try him and if he doesn't work out the rescue could be your back up? Just a thought. It probably would get too many parties involved but since the rescue is already sort of on board, who knows!
He'll be delivered Tuesday!
We asked if she wanted to wait and see if the rescue picked him up....she said no, because she wasn't sure they'd come through because the lady's husband wasn't on board...he didn't want to pay for an animal because they were a rescue. Their website describes them as a sanctuary...they don't adopt out/ sell)
IfScreenshot_20220429-152255.png he doesn't work out I think she'll take him back...but, after seeing him I think it will be ok.
He looks wonderful, congratulations!! Please, more pictures and info as you can.
Thank you!
He seems to be scared of people...he showed no signs of aggression at all, just really nervous...he lets her (current owner,) rub his forehead, but doesn't let her touch him anywhere else....she hasn't had time to work with him. He was watching us...he seemed curious and like he wanted to be friends, but is just scared. ☹️

Thank you Taz, for the wire mesh idea...The stall does have a turn out area....about the size he's kept in now...but, it's a 3 rail and I was afraid he might crawl under it (couldn't keep Prince in it, he was out in seconds). But, Kazoo (the mule) is in a 3 rail now, and hasn't tried to get out...but then he doesn't have loose horses near him to make him want to get out.
He's not as tall as Prince, but definitely wider...he's pretty chunky, and I don't want him even trying to crawl under. But yeah, we could probably attach some wire mesh to the existing panels.

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