OK Now I'm really angry! Please see this!

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Sep 23, 2004
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Straits Area Michigan
A link to this was in our local online edition of the paper..I nearly didnt open it but am I glad I did! I have three grandsons going over there! And a grandson in law (soon):)there now and a nephew just came home..

think it isn't true? Perhaps not, but do you wnat to go there for 15 mmoths and test the therory? I might be antiwar but for the right reasons, so ignore the hippy comments you see below it and think in real time.

Sure you can't save the workd but as long as I live I will do what I can for those in mY little corner of it!

Do you know ANYONE who served there? Have them get tested!, What could it hurt?I care! Maxine

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Testing/etc on GI's nothing new. There is a reason there are so many clauses in their contracts that state they have no recourse. I am SO pro-military too, GF was a Naval Capt in WWII, Dad was in AAC/USAF WWII and Korea. We are all just pawns and , according to Cheny, to stupid to be able to understand what is going on.
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! Ohhh, Maxine, that's simply awful. I will certainly spread the word, I have a brother in law headed back there soon as well! That's devastating. Thank you for the heads up.

Who is that guy? I'm not sure about this at all....

Does anyone know who he is?
I have a grandson who was over there in the beginning and if this was true woudn't he and some of the others who have been home for a while now be showing some symptoms of these deseases? They couldn't hide ALL of them. I don't think I'll belive it until there is more to go on.
I would imagine you would have people that get sick and others that dont. If everyone got sick then there would be cause for concern and finger pointing. If only some or a few, for no reason, got sick, then its easier to say its in their heads etc and blame them and not those whom are truly at fault.

Maybe I see more because of my illness and dealing with Drs/Insurance who say different things and the latter whom doesnt look at what helps, only what costs $$. I know that the Gov has done testing and other immoral things to GIs, from the stories my GF would tell about being in the Pacific Theatre post-WWII. They used to claim that Agent Orange wasnt a problem either. Untill it was proved otherwise. As well as with the Syphillus 'tests' decades ago.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence.
While this appears to be an old story brought back up, it is not good to assume that it has been fixed to our standards without investigating further. This is the time to contact Halliburton, ABC, the Army, Navy, USMarines, and your federal goverment senators and representatives to see If and HOW this has been addressed. I see Halliburton just renewed a contract in Iraq. It may put your minds at ease if you can find out the truth or it may stir new concerns. Maybe you could send your loved ones in Iraq water test kits to further your belief in the truth. This is something YOU can do for your military and for others worrying about the same things. You could even do (or get someone close to you that knows how to do a video to do one for you) a youtube video to show what you find out just to get the word out. I hope you all take action.

Please let us all know what you find out.
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this makes me so mad. I can't believe this and our gov. must not care if they just signed a fresh new contract with this company.

My husband will be tested as soon as he gets home. You can bet on that.

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