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First of all I want to thank Judy for emailing me and telling me about this poor little herd of horses. Second I want to thank Bob and Tami Parrington for going with me to check on these horses and helping me transport them tomarrow night to get them out of the nightmare they are living in

Following Judys email we made an appt to go see the 5 horses for sale. First we were taken across the street where there is a caved in abandoned house and numerous old trucks and trash etc. The first horse we were shown was a very small black and white pinto tied to the dilapitated house (age approx 3 yrs no one knows). He was standing in a patch of poison ivy to eat. All the time we poked and prodded him he patiently stood with those big sad eyes. The owner showed us he had water and salt and explained to us how its great to have minis tied in weed patches and how much minis love that. Next he takes us around some more trash and tied ot an old truck is a sad looking little bay mare. Shes tied in the sun with no shade or water. We check her mouth she has a tooth growing oddly so probably cant chew. He says he never noticed. Shes sweating profusely which I guess is a good sign as at least she can sweat. Shes a bit thin and obviously malnourished like the little stallion and obviously wormy. She may or may not be in foal the owner doesnt know.=15 yrs old. Next we go around the the other side of the house and the older mares daughter is tied there in a big patch of weeds. She looks so sad standing there. He explains she lost her foal as she had it during winter. Again no water but at least she has shade approx age 11. He explains to us that once that eat down a weed patch he moves them to another.

We go back across the street and he agrees to show us the final horses. Tied to a shorter rope is a bigger pinto mare. She looks very in foal but no bag. He has no idea when or if she is due. She looks to be in a bit better shape but if shes in foal that could be hiding what her true condition is. Lastly we go in the barn to see a pinto stallion caged in an area of the barn. He is standing in approx 2 feet of manure. He looks a little better than the rest as hes fed hay and kept inside I imagine all the time. approx age 7

All of them are very wormy and all with the excepton of the barn stallion are tied to ropes as they have been all their life on this farm. I think the oldest mare is 15 so for 15 yrs she has lived tied. They all seem to be amazingly gentle and calm good natured horses. It broke all of our hearts as they would all follow you to the end of their ropes like they were begging to be taken away.

I will be taking them here to my farm tomarrow as we couldnt quite work it out to get them tonight. Im so haunted by all those sad eyes and I cannot wait to get there!! Its been a very emotional day to say the least. By 6 or 7 pm tomarrow night they will all be free of their ropes and have all the water they want and be fed something other than weeds. Please say a prayer that the older mare is okay she is the one i am really worried about. Ironically these horses were bought from a big farm here that was shut down years ago due to abuse and neglect so as my hubby says these horses have been abused and neglected since the day they were born. They have now come full circle.

If you know of anyone wanting to adopt a nice little mini and give them a loving home please have them contact me

OMG how terrible. I am so glad that you got them out of there. Did he not know what he was doing was cruel? Dont tell me that he thought it was perfectly normal to tie a horse with no water or shade and make it eat weeds.
KK did you have to buy them or were they surrendered?

Does this owner even have a clue that this was wrong and not to do it again?

Do we have registration papers?

I hope the stallion doesn't have a case of heaves now the way he was stabled in filth like that.

Well if they need foster home, looks like I will have an empty field again. The grass is eaten down pretty much, but I plan to sew some rye grass in there for winter.

I also have that new one I was putting up. I offered it last week to anyone in Florida that had to evacuate, but no one needed it. So I will have space if you need it.

I just cannot wait for you to get them the heck outta there.
its killing me and I know i will get no sleep tonight and I have to be at work at 730 am. This "owner" has been turned in several times and was very leery at first of even letting us see the horses. He told us over and over how he was doing right by these horses by tying them outside etc etc. It would make you sick to listen to him. We did try to explain the horses were too thin but he would have none of it. he is convinced that he is taking good care of them and you will never convince him otherwise. Some of them do have registration papers but some dont. AT least one is probably from a father to daughter mating but its hard to figure out as they never kept any kind of records on when their foals were born etc. And yes we did have to buy them to get them out. There was no way he was going to surrender them. And since hes already been investigated I knew the only way to get them out was to buy them. So I also want to thank evryone who is a member or has donated to cmhr because of you these horses will have a chance at a great life eating real hay and being freed from their ropes and out of the junk pile they are living in.

Hopefully tami will have time to jump online as Im probably leaving out a lot but it was so much to take in at once and so emotional that its all I can think of right now.

Edited to say he is now out of the horse business and has no interest in having minis anymore THANK GOD!!

Marty thank you so much for you offer but I think they will just stay here until they are adopted. I hate to move a horse anymore than I have to. We will probably have all the mares sonogramed to be sure they are not in foal before they are adopted. I suspect though that the bigger pinto mare is probably going to foal this year.
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Kay, at the moment I have and empty pasture and shelter if you need it.

Mary Harrison
KK did you get any pictures of them there on the ropes?
marty we wanted to really badly and we did have a camera but we were afraid the guy would go ballistic if we did. It just wasnt worth risking not getting them out of there. Bob wants to try and take some tonight but im still worried it could blow the whole deal
hi mary!

Could you foster one of the stallions?? He will be gelded but its going to be really hard for me to house two intact stallions right now with all the rest. Please let me know and THANK YOU

Marty---just so you know mary lives right by me

Thank goodness for people like you who care enough to take the effort to help horses like these. There are too many people like their owner who are uncaring and uneducated, and too many horses that suffer at their hands.
Let us know when they are with you and safe!!

Any supplies needed??
Hey KayKay-

Any updates on the rescues? HOw are they doing. I am glad ya'll were able to get them out of that situation. And so glad that they will nevr have to be on a rope again...............

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