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Another vet today. He had a very explanatory flexible model of the patella area. He showed me what was happening in her leg. He recommends surgery, as she is so young. Very common in small dogs, especially chichachas (spell?) and poodles.
On the Rat Terrier FB group, there is a discussion about this. It was highly recommended that a breeder offer a dna guarantee that the puppy did not have this issue. Of, course, we would have had no idea as we knew nothing about such a thing. Our last rat terrier had no such issues. And we only have one dog at a time, with usually a few years in between, so our experience is limited.
Between Pepper and Billy, I have some Animal Issues!
Brought Pepper home today. Vet said everything went really well. The little V in the bone that is supposed to hold the femur was barely there. He sawed a larger V, cut the taut ligament and tightened the looser one. She is resting calmly so far, and even ate some crunchies. Antiobiotic and pain med and absolute rest for at least 2 weeks. We will have to be strong about that--tough love.
😍 So glad to hear surgery went very well! You have to feel great relief at having this problem dealt with and Pepper looking good for many hears to come!

That absolute rest can be hard but definitely worth holding the hard line so you don’t have any set backs.

Recliner time for Pepper! 😂

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