New Filly by JSW Destinys Golden Ace

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Mar 5, 2008
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Well I was expecting buckskin or maybe bay so when this sweet little girl entered the world I was not sure what color she was as I usualy get lighter color foals
So anyone care to guess what color she is?
Looks like a black to me.................maybe has a creme gene.
What color are the sire and dam? Foal can only be gray of one of them is gray and the mare does not look gray, and "golden" in the sire's name suggests he isn't either! One of them must be black based and carrying agouti and someone must have cream for you to think the foal would be buckskin or bay. And if you thought silver, one of them would have to be carrying (and possibly hiding) silver. Is the mare a silver bay??? And the sire palomino? Then foal could be silver black or black with cream - or just black.
Wow,so much to learn with colors! The sire(Ace) is buckskin,his sire is ALVADARS DOUBLE DESTINY who of course is buckskin and his dam is SUTHERLINS LITTLE KAHLUA & CREAM who is a black pinto.Windy (mare) is registered as a dun but looks more like sorrel to me??Her sire is MAGIC MOUNTAIN COCHESE who is a sorrel pinto and her dam is LIL HILL FARMS DUTCH TREAT who is also a sorrel pinto.I had NO idea there were so many factors in the outcome of what color the foal will be. :DOH! I will see if I can look up some information on genetic coloring as I want to register my foals the correct color.
Yeah but you have black and white just one step up the tree - so this could be coming from that horse. BUT - if this filly was just born, wait 3 months and then figure out what color it will be. Once they shed out their baby hair, you might get something else.
Got a pic of the mare?? My guess from just what I can see of her hair is some shade of silver also. Dont go by the colors of registration- I have seen MANY that were registered as one color, but were totally something else...

Cute baby- congrats!
She looks black to me (foal), but could be "hiding" a cream gene from her sire. Mare looks potentially silver bay, but even if she is chestnut, the sire can still produce black.

I'm seriously thinking about writing a book on equine color genetics for breeders, kind of like the "for dummies series" version, there is soo much confusion out there about color and the genetics!
When you write that book you let me know where to pick it up
It is very confusing really.I try to study alot of the color by pedigree as well but as mentioned earlier alot of the pedigrees have incorrect colors listed.
My guess is sooty dark buckskin. That would be black, auguti and cream.
I'm going to say black. Sire is buckskin which is black with creme and agouti and dam looks chestnut. If her sire just passed on the black gene and skipped the creme and agouti then VOILA! You have black! He may have also passed on the black gene and the creme gene but left out the agouti which would mean VOILA! Smokey Black. Since his dam was black and white that he is for sure only heterozygous for the agouti gene so it's a 50/50 shot if the foal receives it. I would test the filly for creme. I would test the sire for black to see if he's homozygous for it. That'll help you SOOO much with color deciphering!

p.s. -congrats on the new baby!

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