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Nov 17, 2003
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North Dakota
Just wanted to post a couple of photos of my little lost boys.. at Coulee Hills

Two little arab weanlings who very much needed a good home to. Both have never been handled nor have the other 4 stud colts all yearlings and weanlings, thye were with in a small pen with little food or care. But are they are so sweet.

I called a good friend and the other 3 colts are on thier way to new homes on Sunday

My 12 year old has fallen in love with the bay.. and thinks she'll name him Adeil (it means "star"
pronounced "a deal".
I think it fits.

The chestnut will be my grown dauthers have no idea what she'll name him. I'm hoping she go with Abo!! He is a little monkey!

All 5 were given away by their breeder.Who IMHO should be reported,( would be by me if she was still in the state)because she leaves the horses unattended most of the year. Just thrown away because they were not worth the time to sell or to work with. I was told about them by someone who feeds them in the winter and asked her if he could find them homes. She was just going to leave them run for the winter in an over grazed pasture, until she came bcak in the spring. They would of starved... Both colts have been haltered and even let me pick up thier feet in less then 2 hours. Just goes to show you how sweet and smart they are.

I can hardly wait to see how they look with a little TLC and wieght put on. I can

already see thier sweet little souls.

Adil... all he needs alittle love and some food! He going to get plenty of both here!


And his buddy with no name yet....

What Lucky beautiful boys to find a good home. With someone who will give

them love and good care. At least the owner let them go. On them not being handle in the past, please make sure they are good gentle before being around

the kids to much. Offer them treats and love. You just don't want them to spook

and hurt your daughter. I do wish you the best with them. They are both very nice looking colts, and it is so good they got to go together being they are best buddies.

Best Wishes


Bless you, bless you, bless you for giving these "boys" a home
I had tears in my eyes reading your post as I am very partial to arabs and know their loving and loyal nature. There is no other breed like it.

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