Need help naming my filly

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May 22, 2007
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Sharpsburg MD
Hi have been hashing it over in my mind but can't come up with something good. This will be my 1st show horse and want a name that will sound good. Her sire is WeeOkie's Treasure Lode (Lodie) and her dam is Galloping G Snow Angel (Snow). She was born on the full moon of March 22 and was thinking of naming her Luna. She is a BTU great granddaughter. She is also on my avatar at 1 day of age. I want to register her ASAP so I can possibly get her in some shows as a weanling.

Would any of you have some good suggestions?

2 weeks old here
How about :

Angel's Luniar Treasure "luna" for barn name......

For fun..

Sno Enuff Monned

Treasure Me Mooned

Treasure Mooned Me


Jenn H.
How about:

Treasures Bay Moon

Treasures Moon Bay

Full Moon Treasure
How about:

Maxi's Angel on the Moon

Maxi's Angel en la Luna (the above in Spanish)

Maxi's Moon Godess

Maxi's Luna Lovegood (Sorry...Harry Potter fan...)
Awesome any more??? Getting some good ideas.

Maxi's Treasure Moon Angel

Maxi's Moonlight Treasure

Maxi's Treasure Luna

Maxi's Luna Treasure BayB
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