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Aug 18, 2003
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As you may have noticed from my previous threads this week, last Sunday was picture day

This is my Rowdy Grandaughter that I got last October to be a companion to my little Peppy stallion.

I am just totally thrilled with this girl, she is the most refined elegant horse I have. And if the weather ever cooperates she will get trained to be my next driving horse.

Please excuse the black stains on her neck. She rubs on the panels in her corral and they have stained her hair, and rubbed out most of her mane to boot
I'm going to have to shave her pretty close to get the stained hair off.

Here is 33" Hilo Soft Touch, AKA Diamond. All natural pictures, no conditioning and obviously not much grooming.



Thanks for letting me share
Oh no, she's no good for you, you just pack her off to NY and I'll hide her here. Happy to help Lindsey.

Seriuosly, she's one of my favorite colors and a looker to boot.
[SIZE=14pt]Very nicely put together mare.... I think shes too tall for your program.... she's welcome to join the big uns here ![/SIZE]


She is stunning! I LOVe her :)

Susan O.
Thanks Guys!!!

[SIZE=14pt]Now Lyn, She's only 33 inches she's not all that tall

I just can't get over her neck it's so long and archy, can't wait till I actually do some halter training with her, these were just quicky photos, she's had no training at all.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could try to get the black stains off her neck???

I've tried Quick Silver shampoo and it didn't work, obviously
[SIZE=14pt]Thats a real compliment when someone thinks your horse is taller than it is! Means she has a good length of leg and nice long neck![/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Lyn, trust me I take it as a big compliment!!! I actually got her without a current height measurement, the seller just told me she was somewhere around 33 inches. When she got off the trailer I thought, "hmmm she looks pretty tall". I measured her immediately and was pretty surprised when she measured right on 33. I think it's her long legs and how upright her neck is. Plus she has really high set withers, good thing her mane goes down past her withers or we might be in trouble. Allthough she's double registered so it doesn't really matter all that much.[/SIZE]
Yep, like the others said, she is no good for you!

You need to send her to Texas. I have six Rowdy grandaugters now and more for next year? Who is the Rowdy son she is related to?

She is very nice mare and very pretty headed.

NO, it's a south western horse.

I can tell on these things.

Send her here to Arizona. Ask her, she will agree.


what a differnce Linz from when she was at my barn when you guys brought her home ! she's a cutie Nice mare she's runnin a close race with the ol lady as my fav now ! I hadn't seen her since winter woolies when you got her !

OH TRY RUBBING ALCOHOL on that spot ! we use it to get hoof polish off leg hairs ! let me know if it works for that stain!
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As with Lizzy I went out and read Diamond your posts this morning.

Diamond says, "Thanks Everyone!!!"
That's all she could say.........

You guys made her blush, it had me laughing, she is such a humble mare

She then added that she likes the climate here in NM, it's much better than Northern Minnesota.


Who is the Rowdy son she is related to?
You know for some reason right now I can't remember off the top of my head, I'm getting old
I will go look at her papers in a bit, and post a little later.
She is a very pretty mare. I don't blame you for being proud of her!
[SIZE=14pt]I like her head!!Very pretty!Awsome color to!!Congrats!![/SIZE]

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