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Sue S

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Mar 30, 2007
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My preg. mare acting funny, thought maybe she was colicking but vet said no, he said when they colic they stay down and are in pain and roll, my mare has been down 3 times since 2:45, she gets down rolls a couple times gets up and eats alittle, her tail is really swishing side ways and up and down, she will eat for a while than in about 45 minutes she goes down agian, I checked her volva and it is pink in 2 places, vet thinks she is just strting into labor. this wouldn't be seizers would it, The vet said he could come out but I told him I would wait awhile. Do you think she is in her first stages of labor?
It could be the start of labor or could be the foal getting into the dropped foaling position. When is her due date? Good Luck!
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Your vet may be right. Keep checking on her regularly. She could be either in "Early labor" (as I call it.) or could be helping to position the foal......which is sort of similar. However, positioning the foal rolling sometimes happens a day or two in advance. If she settles down after awhile, you'll be able to tell which it is......BUT it will also tell you to be ON GUARD. Keep us posted!
Mona, I bought her preg. she was in the other owners stallion from April 15 to the day I got her which was last fall. Mona she is bagged up just a little, she is experienced at having babies. Hoping for a Cremello, filly or colt, which ever I will keep it. The Dad is Donna's (QTR) cremello stallion, he is such a beautiful hore, no matter what I have I will love it so much.
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Sounds like you talked to the vet on the phone. I am guessing you already did this, but did you take her temp?

Hi ,

I'm not an expert in anyway, but thought I would let you know that my mare was doing the same thing last night. Watched her on camera for 9 hours, Then doozed off a bit, and pager went off at 5am Had a beautiful filly at 5:15am.

What you are discribing is exactly what mine was doing. Just my experience with our mare.

Best of luck,
She is sweating and her tail is a little wet, going to have hubby go later to get a thermometer, righ now I want him here, I am handicapped, just got out of hospital yesterday for a biopsy on my new liver which I had 3 years ago along with a kidney my numbers went up on both, so called hubby at work and he came home I can't lift anything over 10 lbs.
OOOHHHH...keep us posted ...sounds like your gonna be a granny real soon
Minie812, already have 14 grandchilden of my own, I'm know young chick, but I started real early, I was a grandma at 36. To young. But one more won't hurt around here.LOL

I'm new to this yet but the up and down is what my two mares did and it got more frequent and then the foals came VERY fast. I think she's getting the foal ready to be born and would watch her like a hawk!!! Good luck!!!

My mare stopped rolling about 8 last nite, she got a great rest but me been up all nite, I have her out with the other mares and watching her closely, don't know if this is a good idea or not but she goes crazy in the barn by herself, her best bud tries to groom her but she hauls off and kicks her, her bud don't know what to think,she eats like a horse no slowing down for her. I can see them from my computer window which is about 100 ft. away, will update if any thing goes on.
Sue, we have found many mares that roll a lot prior to giving birth most times have a dystocia!! Watch this mare just in case!!!
Minie812, already have 14 grandchilden of my own, I'm know young chick, but I started real early, I was a grandma at 36. To young. But one more won't hurt around here.LOL
I started early too....I have ten g-children and will be a great-g-ma in June as my 19 yr old g-daughter is due on June 17
and I will be 55 this year...LOL

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