My Mare-Stare Poem (just couldn't help it)

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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]Here I sits[/SIZE]

staring at the cam,

night after night,

I'm weary I am I am.

The over-do mare

moves about to and fro,

she's so fat

she's going to blow.

She waddles around,

picking at her hay,

the clock says tonite is over,

and now it's already today

Everytime she passes gas,

I think the foal's coming outta her atlast-

and then I take another look,

it wasn't a foal just another poop!

Her sides are moving,

and her tail's a twitchin,

and from side to side,

her butt she's itchin.

The shadow's in her stall,

are mighty tricky too-

we've had a bucket shadow foal,

and a foal that was really poo.

She pushes her butt,

into the wall with a thrust,

oh this poor mare,

she's gonna bust!

And as I doze off

the buzzer I hear,

is screaming inside

of my little ear.

No rest for the weary

how right they are;

I look like Elenor Rigby

with my face in a jar.

I'm too tired to sleep,

I'm too tired to lay,

I can't believe,

that my foal is not here yet today.

How long can she hold out,

before she explodes?

It's going to be a whopper too,

cause she's carrying one heavy load.

So when's my foal coming out?

I just don't know.

I hope it's sometime soon,

before it decides to snow!

So let's have that foal

be born pretty fast,

so I can curl up with y'all

and sleep in the hay with them atlast.


Marty Garrison
LOL very cute Marty. I think we all feel like that during mare stare. hahaha


as I am also watching and waiting for my mare to foal.
Very cute, Marty.

I think many of us can sympathize.

Hey Marty---if I knew you were up the same time I was up I could of called you! I fell asleep sitting in the chair watching the cam waiting for her to get up so I could turn the alarm back on and I fell asleep and my head hit the back of the chair and I think I sprung my neck pulling it forward!
I really need something to keep me awake at night... Maybe I should try poetry?
I don't think so. That is not one of my talents. Yours is very good! Maybe I will get up and get on the computer intead?
Lol too funny. Im glad my foals are out, took me 2 weeks of sleep to catch up after Molly had Immy!

How many days is Holly at?
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