My boy Buddy, re fair

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Sep 23, 2004
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Straits Area Michigan
I was going to post pictures but that will have to be next post as I forgot to bring home with me..I had spasms this am and hubby had to bring me homefor a while.

Buddy, the girl and camper are still here, we can't remove him from fair till Sunday and there is a fun show tomorrow.

She showed him three more classes yesterday..Trail,patterns and an "A" ribbon, 4th in patterns, "A" ribbon and 1st in costume, (was a tie) and a blasted "A",5th in trail..OK I know...but he did SO well Thursday and we were SO proud of him...he did well in patterns, but I think his trot was alittle fast for the judge, sometimes his head got past his shoulder for a tiny bit. SO the 4th..

Now the trail, nice little mni took at least four tries to just get into the ring past the judge!, Another didn't trot when it was supposed and one backed completely over the log out of the "L" shaped box with it's back feet, ALL had trouble with the L back. One handler even put back of lead hand on shoulder/neck area to push!

Buddy marched right in there past the judge, beautiful trot, walked properly over the bridge, walked right over the 4 logs without rushing or anything (Which several others did rush), approached the mailbox and did that right, had to move filled clear water bottle from one barrel to another, etc..he never balked at anything except like the others had trouble with the L back..he did do it but it took a while.

We videotaped it all , and when she got her placing judge placed him dead last!!! WE were so sad for that girl who has worked through this all so bravely and she loves him so much.

It was a slap in the face, yes he's nearly 34" so the biggest mini there and not real refined nor registered but he shined at those classes except for Fit and SHow.(as you already know re my whining).I've decided he likes a job to do, doesn't want to be a pagent winner

Can you say roadster!? That boys movement is to die for!Still tries to bite if he's peeved, however he had a difficult costume to wear and tolerated it like he'd done it a 1000 times! Pictures later

I know I sound like sour grepes but she should have at least placed 2,3rd in trail.

It took them over 3 hrs to let us know the placements, found out at 7:30 at night!

Anyway the other mini people have been nice and their kids too.. ALl in all not bad and yes he will improve so look out in the Open shows to come

NO matter what we love him and he's truly our "Buddy" forever.

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It sounds like you and Buddy had a great time, and that's what really counts. The successes and the disappointments are just steps along the way, and since it's all a matter of opinion on a given day, don't ever let one judge get you down.

The thing I love most about showing is the additional bond that Mingus and I have developed. This is worth far more than any ribbon!
Thanks, so true so true..and he IS a fidgiter, has a long way to go..can't wait to get him home and enjoy him again. Maxine

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